Epiphone Announces Tommy Thayer Signature “Spaceman” Les Paul

Damian Fanelli | Guitar World


Epiphone has announced one of its most anticipated new models, the Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul.

The new model, which is named after — and designed for — the longtime Kiss guitarist, will be available in January.

Thayer recently commented on the guitar on his website:

“I’m psyched to be playing my new guitar onstage as we embark on the 2012 Kiss Kruise and South American stadium tour in the weeks ahead,” Thayer wrote.

“My signature axe will soon be available in guitar shops everywhere. In the meantime, the first guitars off the line are ready for you through some very special offers on my new site, tommythayerguitar.com. Keep it rockin’ and remember to turn it up loud!”

Epiphone.com recently posted a demo video featuring Thayer. You can check it out below.

We’ll have more details about the guitar in the weeks and months ahead.

Tony Powers On “Music From The Elder”: I Think [KISS] Should Be Proud Of The Album

Tim McPhate | KissFAQ

In conjunction with KissFAQ’s month-long NovElder retrospective, “Music For The Elder” songwriter/key contributor Tony Powers discussed how he came to meet Paul Stanley and get involved on the project, his contributions to the album: “Odyssey” and “The Oath,” why KISS making a musical departure was a positive move for the band, and shared his message for KISS fans regarding “The Elder,” among other topics.

The following are excerpts from Powers’ interview with KissFAQ’s Tim McPhate:

On the song “Odyssey,” which he wrote:

KF: “Odyssey” is very sophisticated musically — there are interesting chord changes and musical twists. The lyrics also have a cinematic quality. Tony, I’ve always wanted to ask you: What was your inspiration for writing this song?

TP: I have always been fascinated by the concept of time. To me, physics and time are very interesting things, very interesting topics. I’m writing a script right now that’s got a lot to do with that. As far as “Odyssey” is concerned, it was just the thought that there are many times that exist in the same time. And everything — past, present, future — happens at the same time. And what we consider to be time is an illusion. I guess I was just dwelling and thinking on that. I’m pretty sure it just started with the very first line of the song, “From a far off galaxy I hear you calling me.” It just came quickly after that. And the lyrics to the chorus always knock me out. I just loved it.

KF: “Once upon not yet/Long ago someday.” That’s such a lovely play on words.

TP: It is, I think. I will accept that. (laughs) I’m usually not one to toot my horn about those things, but yeah, that’s it. Past, present, future — all at once at the same time. Right now it’s an illusion that there’s a past, present and future. You know, scientists think there are 10 dimensions. We only live in three of them. There’s a lot that we can’t see that’s happening so …

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