NJ KISS Expo – What kind of merchandise will be available?

New Jersey KISS Expo

People have been asking – “what kind of KISS merchandise will be at the NJ KISS Expo?” The short answer is – EVERYTHING! The old and the new, the mundane and the extravagant, the cheap and the expensive, the expected and the unexpected… There is no better place to start your quest to complete your KISS collection!

Most importantly, you are being connected to the largest network of KISS dealers in the world….and the largest KISS dealers will be there – KISSonline.com, KISSmuseum.com, KISSarmywarehouse.com, Gene Simmons Axe guitars, John Rubin, Ross Koondel, and many, many more. There is nowhere in the Universe you will ever see such volume and variety of KISS Collectibles in one place! Below are photos the dealers have sent us of just a small offering of the items they will be bringing. The photo of the truck is just a single collection bought recently by one of the dealers – it will all be there for sale this Saturday!

Info and directions to the 2013 New Jersey KISS Expo are at njkissexpo.com


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