Gene Simmons Might Be James Franco’s Daddy In Deleted ‘Why Him?’ Scene


If you saw the James Franco/Bryan Cranston comedy Why Him? in theaters, then you are aware that the band KISS holds an important role in the film’s plot as being the favorite band of the Flemings (Cranston, Megan Mullally). In an attempt to warm up to his possible in-laws, Franco’s character Laird, an unapologetically unfiltered online billionaire, recruits the talents of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in hopes of getting their blessing to marry their daughter.

Recently, a deleted scene of their cameo has surfaced that suggests that Simmons could be Laird’s genetic father after a wild night while on their “Creatures of the Night” tour in Oakland, California. “He’s got your eyes,” says Stanley. Unconvinced, Simmons has Laird compare their tongue skills to see if they could indeed be a match. “Scoop it like it’s mommy’s hot ice cream,” says Simmons. Because science, right?