Kiss rock ‘n’ rolled all night to shock their crazy fans

Paul Davies | Express

Pantomime season started early, as metal gods Kiss made their grand entrance at the O2 London Arena.

Self-parody being a market that Kiss maximised and monetised a long time ago, the visuals are what most came to see.

Their stage production of hydraulics, zip wires and pyrotechnics would give Alton Towers a run for its money.

With a barrage of bangs and a thud, thud, thud of Eric Singer’s drums, all hell broke loose as the band kicked into opening song Deuce.Banks of multi-coloured lights, spelling the Kiss name, lit up the stage. This was rock ‘n’ roll Las Vegas style.

The band definitely lived up to their motto: ‘you wanted the best, you got the best!’

Gene SimmonsPA

Banks of multi-coloured lights, spelling the Kiss name, lit up the stage

As the last notes of hit Shout It Out Loud faded, a minute’s silence was observed for the victims of the Manchester Arena bomb.Kiss had to cancel their Manchester show due to the tragedy.

Although his voice was noticeably croaky, the glittering charm of lead singer Paul Stanley always shines through.

Stanley likes to ask questions of a bawdy nature between songs.

None more so than, ‘how many girls like to be licked, how many boys like to be licked?’ – the boys cheered the loudest – before rocking out to a delirious Lick it Up. The audience shouting along to the chorus.

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