The top Jersey things that can be sold to afford Gene Simmons’ ‘Vault’ box set

Double Down | NJ1015

I’ve been a huge Kiss fan my entire life. Whether it be Kiss mugs, Kiss dolls, Kiss concert shirts, Kiss posters, you name it, I’ve owned it. I’ve even contemplated buying the Kiss coffin for the afterlife. So when I heard about Gene Simmons’ new project, I immediately tried to conjure up ways to raise enough money to pull off the ultimate Kiss prize.

Gene Simmons has created one of the largest box set collections in the history of music, known simply as “The Vault.” It’s a historical look back at Gene’s entire musical career, spanning over 50 years. The Vault contains 150 never-before released songs on 10 cds, a 50,000-word book, a special gold coin that reads “In Gene We Trust,” and a special Gene Simmons action figure. The price tag to own Gene’s lifetime of music? A cool $2,000.

So why am I conjuring up ways to raise $50,000 you ask? Because there are special limited editions of “The Vault.” There is a $50,000 version and a $25,000 version as well. The $25,000 package is known as “The Producer’s Experience,” where you and a guest get a meet-and-greet with the Demon himself, you have the opportunity to listen to the tracks in a recording studio with Gene, as well as a producer’s credit on your personalized “Vault.” The $50,000 package is known as the “The Vault Home Experience,” where you and 25 of your closest family and friends get to host Gene in your home, with Gene delivering “The Vault” straight to your doorstep!

So as a life-long Kiss fan, I have to go big or go home, right? I’m just bypassing all of the other experiences and heading straight for the top of the heap! Now, I just need some way to finance it. There are plenty of useless things lying around in Jersey to sell that could easily net me the $50K necessary to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right?

Here’s the list below of things I think I could sell off in Jersey, without anyone missing them, that would help me meet with Gene Simmons.


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