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Preorder the story of Big John Harte, protector of Rock Gods: Kiss, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, Prince and more on Pledgemusic. Peter Criss, Kiss Original Drummer – Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee shared his thoughts about John, “Big John is a beloved character. I love him. He is a survivor, and the real deal. John just being there made a difference. We were only a few, but with John we were an Army!”

The now-classic images of this hulking wrestler-like mustachioed man with his giant hands shielding an unmasked Kiss member are indelibly etched into your brain. It’s symbolic of the important role Big John played throughout the years — from the heady, narcissistic 70s til today — creating a human barrier between the public and some of our favorite stars. It would be hard to think of the glory days of Rock and Heavy Metal without him.

You know the lore, now find out where and how it all began. Big John Harte decided to self-publish his autobiography so he could include all the stories he wanted and not be restricted by a publisher. Now you can be part of making this book happen. For this book release Big John Harte has partnered with PledgeMusic, the premiere platform for connecting with fans and making them part of the creative process. Throughout the pledge campaign Big John Harte will be sharing videos, photos and stories with everyone who pledges. You will get a early peek into the book.

All pledgers will get a EXCLUSIVE chapter NOT available in the book…. available only on PledgeMusic. Big John Harte has created some extremely cool and unique rewards for his campaign, including:
Signed Hand Written Passage
Signed “Rough Draft” of Big John Harte’s Book
Coffee Date with Big John Harte
Autographed Big John Harte RIAA Award
VIP Dinner Experience with Big John Harte
Original Ken Kelly Artwork for Book Cover, YES legendary artist Ken Kelly is designing the book cover and you can own the one of a kind artwork!

When it comes to celebrity bodyguards, few fill the heart and imagination like Big John Harte. Plucked by fate from obscurity, Big John’s brooding presence, wry sense of humor, and gentle giant image is the stuff of legends.

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