What’s New in KISS Collecting – KISS Army 3-D Foam Wall Sign


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New OFFICIAL KISS Catalog item for 2016!

The 3D KISS ARMY Foam Wall Sign is an awesome representation of the famous KISS Army logo stacked in layers of high-density heavy “foam” material. Not cheap styrofoam, but constructed from no less than 6 layers of a modern dense, firm material that holds it’s shape and gives razor sharp corners to the artwork.

Measures in at a large 15 x 14 x 1.5 inches.

$23.95 at KISSmuseum.com

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What’s New in KISS Collecting – KISS 3D Logo Foam Wall Signs



2S2A6155_copy__59906.1449203446.1280.1280The KISS 3D Logo Foam Wall Sign is an awesome representation of the famous KISS logo stacked in layers of high-density heavy “foam” material. Not cheap styrofoam, but a constructed from no less than 4 layers of a modern dense, firm material that holds it’s shape and gives razor sharp corners to the artwork.

Available HERE at KISSmuseum.com

What’s New in KISS Collecting – KISS Figure Limited Edition Packaging


asylum-repackage-bannerNew repackaging of the current KISS figures – all limited to only 100 pieces each! Brilliant, new multi-figure packages for a better display. Each is individually numbered on the front. Seven different package variations to choose from – at 100 pieces each, they won’t last long!

See all the limited edition KISS Figure packaging at KISSMuseum.com

New KISS items debuted at the New York Toy Fair


2S2A6748The KISS Museum is back from a wild weekend at the incredible New York City toy fair to bring you the latest news on some of the newest KISS merchandise to be hitting the streets soon.

2S2A6790Starting off, the new KISS 3 3/4 inch figures have been a much anticipated arrival. The prototypes shown here are an exciting idea of how the final products will look. There have been small, cartoonish KISS figures released in the past, but none as detailed as these – guitars included!

2S2A6782-2 copyOne of the most original KISS products out in a long time, and something we are looking forward to own, is the KISS Light-up Logo Journal. This book-sized piece has blank sheet music pages for writing notes, (or music) and features a light-up logo on the cover that flashes the famous K-I-S-S letters sequentially, just as the stage logo of the ’70s!

2S2A6806Next is a collection of several different KISS lunch boxes, including a mini-tin tote set, good for keeping business cards or whatever small items you may need. The updated full-size lunch box comes complete with, instead of a thermos, a travel mug and coaster set – much more practical for the adult KISS fan.

A few pieces for the automobile will be available soon too, such as several different KISS license plate holders, (with one being glow in the dark), and a set of KISS Car Wind Shield Shades, the Gene prototype shown here being one of 4 that will soon see the (bright) light of day…2S2A6746

2S2A6741One of our favorite items to see in person was the Blade-Runner-inspired KISS Light-up Umbrella with a shaft that has the option to glow in one of the 4 KISS Solo Album colors or rotate sequentially between all four. A nice, large, high-quality item with well-built electronics. Even has a built-in flash light in the handle.

2S2A6771Rounding things off is a large collection of glass ware and drink ware. The stand-out for this category are two brilliant sets of KISS Coasters – one being highly-detailed cut-outs of the guitars and a drum. Next is an awesome “puzzle-set” of coasters of an amazing collage that comes together to form a single image. Great display pieces you need to have shown on your coffee table. And to put the coasters on, there are 2S2A6762quite a few variations of KISS Shot Glasses, KISS Coffee Mugs, KISS Travel Mugs, KISS Pint Glasses and a KISS Water Bottle.


Items will start to be released in the early to late spring, 2015.
will be a major distributor for this new KISS line of merchandise and will be shipping on or before the release date.

All the new KISS Merchandise will be at KISSmuseum.com when released in the near future -check back with us then! (we are not currently taking pre-orders).

What’s new in KISS collecting – Adrianna’s First (KISS) Concert, children’s book


SpookyPeteysBookFB__68140.1417799238.1280.1280The adorable true story of a little girl’s first KISS concert. Follow Adrianna as she gets dressed up for the show, sees the concert and ultumately meets the band back stage! Written by Petey Mongelli, one of the legendary KISS fans/collectors/dealers of all time and currently the promoter for the annual Spooky Empire show in Florida.

Hard cover, published 2014. 11 x 8.8 inches.

$19.95 at KISSmuseum.com


What’s new in KISS collecting – Official KISS MLB Baseball T-Shirts!


shirtOfficial KISS and MLB Baseball T-shirts, just released this week! 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Standard, classic men’s fitting. New with tags.

More city teams will be available this weekend for Oakland, St Louis, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. We will post here when they come in.

Boston and New York are in stock NOW at KISSmuseum.com