Goldmine KISS Collectibles Price Guide

News Release: "Goldmine KISS Collectibles Price Guide"

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Elaborate makeup and costumes. Sky-high platform boots. Flame belching. Blood spitting. Pyrotechnics. With all of that to offer thans, plus good ol' rock 'n' roll, it's no wonder KISS is still one of the hottest bands in the world today. And it's also no surprise KISS is the most collectible musical group, next to Elvis and the Beatles.

Goldmine KISS Collectibles Price Guide, featuring 2,000 listings and 500 color photos of the band's merchandise, is a must-have guide for buyers, sellers and collectors of KISS memorabilia and music. The book offers detailed listings for every U.S. recording, as well as foreign releases. There are also detailed listings of more than 250 licensed products produced from 1974-1998, from action figures, Beanies and die-cast cars, to Halloween costumes, posters and videos.

The photos and insert lists help novice collectors ensure they are purchasing complete copies of LPs. The licensed product section gives dates of manufacture and elaborate descriptions.

Avialable now!
176 pages - soft cover - $24.95 - full color
To order: 800-258-0929 Dept. PRMM

Fetures of Goldmine KISS Collectibles Price Guide include:
  • 2,000 listings and 500 color photos of the hottest KISS collectibles
  • Detailed listings of every U.S. recording, as well as some foreign ones
  • Albums, press kits, school supplies, tpys and other memorabilia

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