Sean Delaney Speaks!
From: Julian / KISS FAQ II
Just asked Sean a few questions... while he didn't address all of what I asked, he did make some interesting coments. Attached also is a current pic of him.

I asked: "When and how did you become involved with KISS?"

Sean: "You wanted to know when I first went to work for the fab four. Well I never worked for them. Bill Aucoin and I were roomates back in the early Seventies 1969-1980. That's right 11 years. I had been the lead singer of several successful groups in the NYC area, "Sean Delaney and Trust" (we had landed a contract with Electra Records) and a group called "Natural Juice" that landed a contract with columbia records. In fact the band was discovered by Clive Davis. Bill Aucoin was my roomate and BEST friend. I also had a company called the "Music Dept." with a man named Howard Marks. This was before KISS. Niel Bogart was a personal FRIEND of mine. So, you can see by the facts that I was there before Kiss. Gene had sent us a phoney press release and press packet. Listing all the places they had been playing and REVIEWS of thier performances. ALL were BOGUS. I remember laughing and telling Bill, " if they have gone to this extent to get our attentions, let's go see them." and we did."

"I am the man that choreographed the entire band and SHOW from the very beginning. That means when I met Gene, he did not move like a demon, or did Paul prance and dance like a She-He. Thier hair was not tinted black nor did they have a SHOW. all that came out of my imagination."

I asked: "And lastly, what about the book that you've be rumoured to have been working on? Is it completed and if so, have you found a publisher? Any anticipated publishing date? And what scope of material will be covered?"

Sean: " The name of the book I am writing has a title. "Sean Delaney, The Fifth Kiss" Instead of me just writing the book myself, it has been written by an investigative reporter who has interviewed everyone that was there in the first 3 years. (except those who are dead) That means that he has taken thier interviews and compared them to my story. MY STORY is the true one. not me making it up. All of the other books are about KISS long after we had made it. This book is about it all, all the ghosts, and hidden secrets, who's who, who did what with what and to whom. INCLUDING ME! It's about the good time and the bad time, Sacred and Evil. What really happened, how it happened and the players."

I Asked: "Did you ever record any demos with any of the band members? Or appear uncreditted on any work?"

Sean: "to answer one last question about did I ever record and not be given credit. HELL YES! I co-wrote Love Gun, I want you, Rock Bottom! Choreographed and staged the shows from the beginning up until Creatures album. I only worked with the real kiss not the spin offs."