Black Diamond 2: The Illustrated Collector's Guide to KISS
by Dale Sherman

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    "After disclosing the true history of KISS in BLACK DIAMOND: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF KISS, Dale Sherman presents the evidence that made the band famous: their music and their visual extravaganza. Complete discographies for the United States, The United Kingdom, Japan and Australia are featured, with exhaustive details for each listing.

    Also included are:

  • Reviews of more than 160 bootleg albums and a cross-reference to a comprehensive list of KISS concerts that have been recorded on video and audio over the years.
  • Detailed recording histories for each former and present member of KISS.
  • An insightful look at the ripoffs, parodies and tributes to KISS.
  • A videography of important television appearances plus a listing of the numerous video-cassettes that have featured KISS.
  • A detailed listing of KISS in print including books and comics.

    Packed with more than 300 photos, BLACK DIAMOND 2 is the one reference guide KISS fans won't want to be without."

    Black Diamond 2 Press Release
    October 6, 1997
    Thanks to the success of BLACK DIAMOND: THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF KISS, Collector's Guide Publishing will soon be releasing a follow-up volume by writer Dale Sherman that gives KISS fans even more information about the hottest band in the land.

    October 6th is the publication date for BLACK DIAMOND 2: THE ILLUSTRATED COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO KISS. Continuing from the first volume, BD2 is an all-new reference guide to the band, with 400 pages of text and over 300 photos to illustrate the many collectable albums, videos, books and comics featuring KISS.

    The new book will be available almost immediately at bookstores in Canada, and everywhere else in November. For those that can't wait, the book will also be available through the internet at Collector's Guide Publishing's website or by snailmail to CGP (see the BLACK DIAMOND page for the address).

    To promote the new book, Dale Sherman will be appearing at the Chicago KISS Expo on November 9th with both volumes available. He is also tentatively scheduled for the Toronto KISS Expo on November 16th, but keep an eye here at The KISS Asylum for more details on that and other appearances.

    Author's Note: Just wanted to thank the fans for making BD1 such a success! Without your support, BLACK DIAMOND 2 would still be just a dream of mine. And thanks to Chris and John at The KISS Asylum for their continued support as well! I'll be at the Chicago KISS Expo on November 9th with Steve from KISS Freaks. See you there!

    The KISS Asylum interviews Dale Sherman (10-13-97)

    Excerpts from the Black Diamond 2 book:
    (New additions each Monday!)
  • Chapter 1: "Official United States releases"
  • Chapter 8: "Bootleg Albums & CDs"
  • Chapter 9: "Private Audio Recordings"
  • Chapter 15: "Private Video Recordings"
  • Chapter 16: "Books"
  • Chapter 17: "Comics"

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