KISS New Orleans 2012 – pro-shot video of entire concert!

Awesome professional video of KISS’s ENTIRE performance from yesterday in New Orleans at the Final Four! One hour and 23 minutes of KISS performing on their new stage and in the new costumes!

1.Мodern Day Delilah
2.Shout It Out Loud
4.Hotter Than Hell
5.Let Me Gо Rock’N’Roll
6.Shock Me
7.Calling Dr. Love
8.I Love it Loud
9.100,000 years
10.Love Gun
11.Black Diamond
12.Detroit Rock City
13.Lick It Up
14.Rock And Roll All Nite

Paul Stanley, Steven Tyler and the Easter Bunny

Denise Quan | CNN

(CNN) — There are pros and cons to holding a press conference in the middle of an outdoor shopping mall, especially in Los Angeles.True, the weather will probably be nice, and pretty people will be walking around for a built-in audience straight out of Central Casting. But on the downside, your event is in danger of being upstaged by the random celebrity who happened to be shopping at the mall with his family.Just before Aerosmith made a grand entrance at Wednesday’s presser to announce details of their summer tour, CNN stumbled across Paul Stanley from KISS…in a hut with the Easter Bunny.The guitarist said he and his wife needed to get something from Pottery Barn, and decided to bring their three young children to pose with the oversized white rabbit. They pulled up in their car, walked to the center courtyard and were immediately bombarded by a 50 foot poster of Aerosmith – strategically positioned right behind the bunny hut. He whipped out his cell phone and blew in a call to Steven Tyler.”Hey man, where are you?” asked the Aerosmith singer.”I’m at The Grove,” Stanley replied.”Oh man!,” said Tyler.

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You’ve Never Heard Kiss’ ‘Alive!’?!

Jenna Strucko | NPR

Note: This is a recurring series in which we ask our unimaginably young interns to review classic albums they’ve never heard before. Jenna Strucko is an intern for NPR Music.

The album art for Kiss' Alive!

I know nearly nothing about heavy rock and metal music. And even if Kiss isn’t exactly metal, it’s still much heavier than what I’m used to. From what knowledge base could I possibly write about this band? Up until this point, the closest I’d come to Kiss was singing along to the refrain of Wilco‘s nostalgic “Heavy Metal Drummer.” Well, maybe that’s not entirely true — I did see Kiss in those Dr. Pepper commercials during the Super Bowl a few years back…

Regardless, the question remained — how could I get the full Kiss experience in one album? Considering the band’s theatricality, it seemed a good jumping-off point would be a live record. So Alive! was my Kiss record of choice, an early live album that predates the band’s forthcoming 2012 release by 37 years (which, in the spirit of full disclosure, is nearly twice my age).

Maybe my exposure to the commercials as my only basis for Kiss are to blame, but as I listened to Alive! the picture in my head — pyrotechnic light displays, men in makeup jump-shredding their guitars, and screaming fans drowned out by mile-high speakers — took over anything else.

As a result, I found that the music by itself didn’t satisfy my expectations. From the distinct sound of a firework cannon at the start of “Deuce,” I found myself sitting at my computer itching to type “Kiss live videos” into my search bar. I sensed that by just listening to the live recordings, I wasn’t quite getting the full experience.

Unfortunately, this is not a “You’ve Never Seen” piece, and so I resisted the urge to see Kiss instead of hear Kiss, and instead decided to focus on the music and see what I could learn.

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KISS Monster Mini Golf update


Photographer Steve Sils returns to the KISS Monster Mini Golf course in Las Vegas to take some detailed shots of the new facility that were not possible during the mayhem and excitement of opening day.


Gene Simmons is “Calling Dr. Love” for his upcoming tour

My Fox LA

LOS ANGELES – Gene Simmons (with tongue in-tow…) dropped by Good Day L.A. to talk up his upcoming KISS tour with Motley Crue.

Gene is a rock and roll legend, and a reality TV star. Now, his latest venture is a new restaurant chain going global called Rock and Brews….

The upcoming tour, simply titled “The Tour” starts rockin’ July 20 in Bristow, Virginia…and scheduled to wrap up on September 23 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Restaurant Info:

Although the bands are officially co-headlining the tour, Motley Crue will open for KISS each night.

Atlanta KISS Expo slated for May 20

Kreatures of the South

Achtung KISS Army! Proudly celebrating 19 years of KISS Expos! The long awaited date for the 2012 Atlanta KISS Expo has arrived! Sunday, May 20, 2012 at the Atlanta Hilton Northeast in Norcross, Georgia.

This will be the first KISS Expo this year, and you won’t wanna miss it! Yes, we’re back where it all started! A great hotel, and a fan favorite! Become mesmerized at the over (100)+ tables of pure KISS Collectables with some various Rock ‘N Roll thrown in! Tons of great surprises, and a fantastic announcement or two! Come celebrate the forthcoming new KISS CD “MONSTER” with your fellow members of the KISS Army!

2012 will be a year of excitement in the KISS Kamp, and as usual we too are ready to raise the roof with some great expos! Kids 10, and under are ‘FREE’ with a paying Adult admission. For more details visit:


New Jersey KISS Expo 2012 set for September 15

The final date and location are now set for the 2012 New Jersey KISS Expo! Our move to the New Jersey Exposition Center will make this our permanent location for many years to come! This amazing facility is the premier place of it’s kind in the entire state – it offers size, service and flexibility like no KISS Expo has ever had. The New Jersey KISS Expo has always been the largest gathering of KISS fans at any expo and people from all over the country as well as the world will enjoy all it has to offer.

The date has been moved to September 15, 2012. The shift from spring to fall was made after careful analysis showed this would be the optimum time to place an event of this kind.

We are still putting together the details and all announcements of events and special guests will be posted at as they become available.


KISS fan retools bathroom in band’s honor

Jill Halpin | Observer & Eccentric

Bill Bresler

There are legions of followers of the 1970s-era glam rock-and-roll band KISS.

And then there is Rick Hoffman.

You can call Hoffman, a longtime Canton resident, a fan, but that would be an understatement at best. He is, in his very own words, “the number one KISS fan in the world.”

In fact, Hoffman is such a KISS enthusiast that he has devoted a room in his house to the band. He decorated and customized the room: a half-bath on the first floor of his home that has become a shrine to KISS lead singer Gene Simmons and his band mates. It is a sight to behold, complete with a special-order black sink, black toilet and, of course, black light.

However, the black light is not the only light in the room. The bathroom features multiple lighting options including a red light and a regular overhead light as well as customized murals and specially designed handmade plaques featuring busts of KISS band members.

And that is only the beginning.

KISS logo

There is also the etched mirror with the distinctive KISS band logo, the “KISS Army” logo above the light switch and the clock resembling the cover from KISS’ Destroyer album, not to mention Simmons’s face in his classic pose — tongue out — on the back of the sliding door.

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Is Kiss’ Gene Simmons L.A.’s latest craft beer champion?

Todd Martens | L.A. Times

When Gene Simmons, leader of KISS Inc., spoke to Pop & Hiss early Friday about the grand re-opening of his El Segundo bar/restaurant Rock & Brews, he bragged that the establishment would allow customers to feel just a little bit like rock stars. Yet it soon became evident that the space couldn’t replicate all of the perks Simmons enjoys.

When a local police officer pulled over to place a ticket on the illegally parked motorcycle of a Rock & Brews employee, a trade was offered. Perhaps the ticket could be skipped, bar employees inferred, if a meet-and-greet with Simmons could be arranged? Moments later, a member of the El Segundo police force was posing for photos with the rock ‘n’ roll veteran. Please, said the officer, don’t photograph the badge, as department rules would then forbid him from placing the image on Facebook.

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KISS still sore over Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Exclusion

Steve Baltin | Rolling Stone

Kevin Winter

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 2012 induction ceremony will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on April 14th, and this year class includes Guns N’ Roses, the Beastie Boys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. One band that won’t be there, however, is KISS, who haven’t been voted in since they first became eligible for induction in 1999 – a fact that still rankles the group’s lead singer, Gene Simmons.

“It’s become a joke,” Simmons told Rolling Stone at Wednesday’s press conference announcing his band’s joint summer tour with Mötley Crüe. “We’ve been thinking about it and the answer is simply, ‘We’ll just buy it and fire everybody.'”

While Simmons was joking, he does take serious issue with his band’s exclusion from the Hall of Fame, as well as what kinds of acts have been inducted. “In all seriousness for the fans, for something to be called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is such an insult to Madonna, Blondie and Tone Loc. Who the fuck knows what other disco act is in there? It’s an insult to them because they don’t get to be in the ‘Dance Hall of Fame,’ because that’s what they do,” Simons says. “They’re legitimate dance, disco artists. They don’t belong in rock and roll.”

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New KISS / Crue Tour announcement video

Joe Lynch | Fuse

After KISS and Mötley Crüe announced their joint summer tour at a press conference, the iconic hard-rock bands sat down with Fuse to talk to us about their 40 date, head-banging extravaganza.

“We didn’t wanna just go out and do another tour, we wanted somebody out there sharing the stage with us who was going to blow it up and kick everybody in the nuts,” explained Gene Simmons.

“We played five shows together in 1982. KISS gave us our first tour. We sort of lost our virginity to these guys,” Nikki Sixx joked. “Actually we did lose our virginity to these guys, but that’s another story.”

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