Sell Your KISS Collection

NO COLLECTION TOO LARGE. We mean it – the bigger the better. We buy KISS collections for a living. We are the promoters of the NJ KISS EXPO, the NJ KISS MART and We know how to move VOLUMES of KISS merchandise. No one has a collection too large for us to buy!

WE WILL BRING A TRUCK TO PICK UP YOUR COLLECTION. There is NO ONE ELSE in the world who will do this! It could not be easier. If your collection is truck size, we will, in most cases, be able to come pick it up. Smaller collections can be shipped.

WE BUY COLLECTIONS, NOT INDIVIDUAL ITEMS. We want EVERYTHING. This includes even the little junky 50 cent items all the way up to items worth thousands of dollars. Every little scrap we will take, all at one price that we agree on.

To sell your collection, do the following:
– DO send a list or photos of your entire collection.
– DO tell us your Name, Phone Number and State you live in.

– DO NOT ask if we want to buy your collection – the answer is always “yes”!
– DO NOT ask if we want to see a list or photos – again, “yes”, just send them.
– DO NOT send partial lists. Send entire list in one email so we can see it all together. If sending photos in multiple emails, make sure they all go out at the same time. This is our BIGGEST PROBLEM when it comes to buying collections –  Fragmented lists and photos sent days apart are hard to keep track of. Just send everything together at once please.

Also, please DO NOT send us individual photos of common McFarlane Figures, common magazines or the Johnny Lightning cars. These items are everywhere and worth next to nothing. We will take them, but we know what they look like, so save yourself some time and just list them.

When sending photos, do not take picture of each individual item – just lay out 1 or 2 dozen things at at time – just as long as we can see everything.

When sending a list, make sure it is in LIST FORM, (one item per line), not paragraph form. We assume everything is in new, unused condition. If not, you need to make a note of it.

CONTACT US – Please send lists, photos and questions to Peter Arquette at

(below is what we consider a medium size collection)

truck bob fields 2