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News Submission Guidelines:
When submitting news to, please include the following elements.  Due to the high volume of news submission that receives, all four of the elements below are required in order for your news item to be considered for posting on Incomplete news submissions news submissions will be deleted.

 1. Headline: Your headline should be short and to the point.

Example: Gene Simmons to Receive Key to the City of Los Angeles

 2. Source: If you are submitting news that you saw in a newspaper, on a website, on television, or another source, let us know so we can verify the story. If your news item is original content,list yourself/organization/website as the source.

Example: From: The LA Times

 3. Article: Whether you are writing your own article or forwarding one from another source, please include the full story for us to post.

 4. Image/Photo: All submissions must be accompanied by an image or photo to be considered for posting. Please email the image/photo with your news item.

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