Ace Frehley to Shock Nashville at Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival April 6-8

Adam Gold | Nashville Scene

NASHVILLE!!! You want the best? You’ve got …Ace Frehley.

That’s right, dorks. Come April 6-8 disgraced dead-dog-hoarder Vinnie Vincent won’t be the only former KISS guitarist occupying Middle Tennessee. Because April 6-8 is when Ace “Spaceman” Frehley will appear as The Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival’s guest of honor at Nashville Convention Center. And that’s actual Ace Frehley, not current KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer dressed up in Ace’s “Spaceman” get-up and face makeup, FYI.

Presented by the recently-relocated-to-East Nashville Lone Wolf Tattoo and its parent company Full Moon, Inc., this 11th annual three-day dork-out on body art and bloody fiction will also feature appearances from Jerry “The King” Lawler, I Spit on Your Grave star Camille Keaton, scream queen Stacey Dixon, The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus, Robert Carradine (the dude who played Lewis in all four installments of the Revenge of the Nerds franchise), Tony Todd (the dude who played The Candyman in the Candyman films), two dudes who each played Jason Voorhees, two dudes who each played Michael Myers and some dude who was in Saw 3.

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Charleston cobbler has KISS-tory

Zach Harold | Daily Mail

Jina Jordan has held several jobs in her life.

She owned a cleaning business and then worked as a pizza dough maker at Gino’s Pizza in Sissonville. She drives cars for the St. Albans Auction and repairs purses and leather jackets at the Fife Street Shoe Shop in downtown Charleston.

But over a decade ago, Jordan, 53, held her coolest gig of all. For one day, she was KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ cobbler.

The storied rock band played Charleston on May 2, 2000, on the first leg of their “Farewell Tour.”

KISS didn’t actually retire after that tour – they’ve embarked on seven more since then – but the Charleston date was one of the last times the band’s original lineup took the stage together.

Chris Dickerson, the Daily Mail’s city editor at the time, was eagerly anticipating that concert.

“I’m a huge KISS fan and over the years I became friends with KISS’s tour manager,” Dickerson said.

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