KISS disses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


In an exclusive interview with Showbiz Tonight, members of the band KISS slam the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. KISS, who performed at the NCAA Big Dance Concert Series this weekend, has been eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1999, but has never received the honor. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley critique the organization, saying that the voting process is an insult to artists.

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What Gene Simmons Teaches Us About Entrepreneurship


Take this test.  Go and visit the website of Cool Springs Life Equity Strategy.   Go ahead.

The firm provides a form of wealth management services to its high end clients using a combination of bank loans and insurance products.   Pretty boring, isn’t it?  Now, look at the photo on the top of the homepage.  Those are all the investors.  Just about all of them look like you would expect:  balding, older, boring businessmen.  This is the perception of guys who would be running a wealth management services firm.  Except for one.  Doesn’t one guy kind of stick out?  Yeah, that’s the guy from KISS.

That’s Gene Simmons.  He sticks out.  Like a sore thumb.  And you know what?  If that’s your perception, he could care less.   Gene Simmons is an entrepreneur.  A very successful entrepreneur.  He got this way by sticking out.  And not caring.

I spoke to him last week, along with 2,842 other members of the media, because he’s currently promoting his latest venture, called Rock & Brews, which opens tomorrow in Los Angeles.  According to an industry website the restaurant’s concept “captures the excitement of live concerts in an authentically themed backstage environment including’ “The Great Wall of Rock,” rock posters and rock art and multiple flat screen televisions.”  Besides Los Angeles, future locations are planned in Denver, Atlanta, Maui, Tokyo and Los Cabos with others to follow.

During our 40 minute conversation Simmons lectured.  He pontificated.  He talked about his business successes (of which there are many) and his failures (which he claims there are none).   He was arrogant.  Unapologetic.  And smart.  Really smart.  He spoke like a professor teaching a class in entrepreneurship.  He never really talked about KISS.  He talked about how to be successful in business.  And I learned.

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Gene Simmons’ Wife Protects Kiss Star from Crazed Groupies in New Video Game App


As the long-suffering significant other of Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed-Simmons knows a thing or two about the danger determined groupies can pose to a committed relationship.  The actress and one-time Playboy Playmate’s experiences with backstage bimbos have inspired a new video-game app called Shannon Tweed’s Attack of the Groupiesthat’s available now for the iPad and iPhone.

“It’s a sort of tongue-in-cheek attack of all the girls who’ve been the bane of my existence for the last 30 years,” Shannon tells ABC News Radio.

Attack of the Groupies came about after a chance meeting Tweed-Simmons had with Gogii Games president George Donovan, who liked her off-the-cuff idea for a game that would feature her killing groupies.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, is just take something and just blow ‘em away, and this is a chance to do that without actually hurting someone,” she declares.

Attack of the Groupies features the animated likenesses of Tweed-Simmons and her daughter, Sophie, as they try to keep a variety of obsessed female fans away from Gene.

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