Gene Simmons opens “anti-cool” Rock & Brews restaurant in California

Ian Cohen | Rolling Stone

Noel Vasquez

Just hours before the opening ceremony of his new Rock & Brews chain, Gene Simmons caused a minor stir on Twitter during a Fox and Friends interview in which he endorsed Mitt Romney for president, claiming that “America is a business and should be run by a businessman.”  Such a blatantly capitalist statement isn’t surprising from Simmons – as he told Rolling Stone minutes before he’d make his red carpet entrance with his family in tow, “I’m not outspoken, I just say things that make people say, ‘yeah, you’re right.’  I hate Nazis like you do and I hate bullshit.”

In fact, the El Segundo branch of Rock & Brews felt as much like a subtly protracted dry run for a potential Simmons 2016 candidacy as it was a restaurant opening. In part of the introductory presentation, he exclaimed “El Segundo may mean ‘the second city’ in Spanish, but today it’s the first city!”  Admittedly, the restaurant’s ambitions to connect with the city are very real if bluntly wielded – earlier in the day, Rock & Brews had a luncheon to benefit the Wounded Warrior program, and during the presentation, two dismembered soldiers with Purple Hearts were presented with a $25,000 check.  Prior to the presentation, Simmons led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance. “If you know it, say it with me. If you don’t, shame on you,” he intoned as American flags waved on television monitors.

In line with Rock & Brews’ concurrent opening at the Delta Terminal in nearby LAX, it’s essentially and proudly an up-the-middle sports bar with pictures of The Who on the walls; despite being a collaboration between a rock legend and a couple of big-shot entrepreneurs, it doesn’t clash with the sleepy, suburban surroundings. As the introductory three-minute video came to a close, Bob Seger’s “Main Street” played, a likely allusion to the fact that Rock & Brews is actually located on Main Street in downtown El Segundo.

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Pacific Coast News

Richmond, BC – Enjoy the soulful sounds of Sophie and Nick Tweed-Simmons – the stars of A&E’s hit television series, Gene Simmons Family Jewels – when they’ll be appearing at the River Rock Casino Resort. For the past two years, Sophie and Nick have been performing at various clubs in Los Angeles including the Sayers Club on Hollywood Boulevard and the W Hotel Hollywood. And just last November, they appeared for two nights inside Lulu’s Lounge at the River Rock Casino Resort as part of the Grey Cup Festival.
Earlier this year, Metro Vancouver’s first child protection centre, Sophie’s Place opened in Surrey, BC. The centre was named after Sophie who got involved in the project after meeting Surrey mayor, Dianne Watts. Sophie is currently studying Computer Engineering and Religious Studies at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. Nick – who graduated from Pitzer last year with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English – recently
celebrated his 23rd birthday in Las Vegas where he performed at Hyde Nightclub inside the Bellagio.

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