KISS fans were there in Miami to meet Gene Simmons. They didn’t expect this special guest.

Miami Herald

Call it a mini Kiss reunion in Wynwood as Gene Simmons, flogging his $2,000 boxed set “The Vault,” did an in-store at Walt Grace Vintage, a cars and guitars gallery, with Ace Frehley, his former band mate.

Like a divorced couple sharing old stories of their high profile marriage, the duo kept an audience — which included Barry Gibb’s musician son Stephen Gibb — rapt during a freewheeling Q&A session that touched on their time together in Kiss.

The pair, sitting in front of a wall of guitars that collector Frehley coveted, also strummed acoustic guitars. This led Simmons to quip how difficult it was to play a vintage tune like Kiss’ “She” unplugged.

The event, part of Simmons’ Vault Experience World Tour, was held last Saturday to give fans who bought the Kiss bassist’s 50-year time capsule of 150 unreleased demos and memorabilia, a chance to meet and greet the 68-year-old rocker.

But fans were surprised to see special guest Ace Frehley, Kiss’ original lead guitarist, sitting on a stool in tongue distance from Simmons — not that close, actually, given the size of Simmons’ famed tongue. But close enough to excite people who don’t expect to see Frehley on the same stage with Simmons given their tumultuous history.

Frehley, 66, hasn’t toured with Kiss since 2001. But there he was at the music store at 2450 NW Second Ave., in Miami, with Simmons — with whom he formed the hard rock band Kiss in late 1972 in New York City.

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