The Official KISS Poster Book – now in stock

The long awaited Official KISS Poster Book 2018 has finally been released! 60 pages with 8 giant fold-out posters including new interviews and photos of the band.

These beautiful retro-style poster books recreate the excitement we all remember from the ’70s. Posters are a good mix of the old and the new from the Destroyer to the Love Gun to the present era – it’s all represented! Unlike a magazine, the cover has a gloss cover, (looking like it has a thin plastic coating), and the paper for the pages and posters is of the highest quality making the image reproduction phenomenal.

As a bonus, we are including two KISS promo trading cards along with an official KISS temporary tattoo. You can only get these three items when you order from the KISS Museum online eBay store!

Gene Simmons says it’s not really Spotify’s fault that artists aren’t getting paid from streaming


Kiss bassist Gene Simmons said musicians aren’t getting paid what they deserve by streaming platforms, but that’s not entirely Spotify’s fault.

The music streaming service, which starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday, revolutionized the music industry with licensing agreements that make practically every popular album available to stream.

Those agreements with the big labels, though, aren’t always good for the artists behind the music. But, “that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy Spotify [stock],” Simmons told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” Tuesday.

Simmons pegged the responsibility for change on lawmakers, not the company.

“At the end of the day the artists have gotten the rug pulled out from under them, and I’m shocked that legislators in Washington D.C. haven’t taken the entire industry to task” Simmons said. “Legislation is archaic and prehistoric. New artists are getting slaughtered because they’re getting micro pennies out of a dollar.”

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Gene Simmons: “Studio bassists who play with their fingers live have no idea that we can’t hear what they’re playing”

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Fifty years of music; 150 unreleased tracks; never-before-seen photographs… an action figure? What exactly has Gene Simmons been up to this time? We send in top millennial Hywel Davies to find out what $50,000 can get you.

Although he’s spent the last 50 years defining American rock ’n’ roll, and becoming one of the most recognised bass players in the history of popular culture, Gene Simmons of KISS is evidently not ready to hang up his batwings just yet.

Simmons will personally deliver each and every Vault box in person

The 68-year-old Grammy-winner, entrepreneur, author, actor and professional controversialist has recently launched the largest boxset of all time, the Gene Simmons Vault.

A knee-high metal box on wheels which looks like something salvaged from the wreck of the Titanic, the Vault contains Simmons’ musical legacy, containing 10 CDs with 18 hours of unreleased music dating from 1966 to 2016; a 50,000-word book; an ‘In Gene We Trust’ commemorative coin; and an action figure to top it off.

As part of the deal, Simmons will personally deliver each and every Vault in person, depending on which of three packages you buy; these range from $2000 to a $50,000 ‘Home Experience’ package.

The last of these gets you and 25 of your mates two hours of quality time with Simmons at your house, local pub, or other location of your choice, wherever you are in the world. You can also bundle it with one of Simmons’ signature basses, the Axe or Punisher.

The God Of Thunder is in a good mood when he meets us at the bar of London’s Soho Hotel, giving us a cheery fist-bump and proving unstoppable on the subject of his latest venture, plus an insight into those famous basses.

As the two of us munch on a couple of bowls of peanuts, requested by the man himself, we exchange some alpha male-style banter before getting down to the subject at hand.

Gene Simmons, the legend! Do you like to be called ‘Lord And Redeemer’ or just ‘Gene’?

“[pulls out phone] Siri, what do you call me? [phone app states: ‘You are my Lord and Redeemer’]”

Nice one. So, tell us about the Vault. This is your legacy, isn’t it?

“The whole idea of ‘legacy’ does not appeal to me at all. Imagine you’re lucky enough to reach the heights of Mount Olympus and you have enough money to throw a party; why would you Continue reading