Gene Simmons Explains Why Women Do (And Should) Decide Everything, Just Like His Wife Shannon

Hollywood Life

Gene Simmons, the legendary Kiss co-founder & now Chief Evangelical Officer for the cannabis company, Invictus, tells HollywoodLife why women rule, how he willed himself to rock star success & more!

Gene Simmons, 68, not only believes women are a higher life form than men, he also thinks that they could stop all future wars altogether! In an EXCLUSIVE interview on the podcast, while he was in NYC delivering his $2,000 Vault Experience, which includes an actual vaultthat contains 50 years of unreleased music and more, to fans, the rock legend sang his amazing wife Shannon Tweed‘s praises. He revealed, “Women do all the work and continue to do all the work,” Gene said. “Men will run out on their families, and mothers won’t.” While opening up about how his father left his family, when he was just 6 and a half years old, the Kiss lead singer made the point that women would never let you down like that. “We don’t deserve you,” he continued. “You’re a higher form of life, and I’m not saying this as sort of a popcorn fart, sugar-coated comment. You understand the important things in life, family. You give birth for God’s sake. We do nothing. We just work, literally. Well, we can build a house and we can do this, we can do that. You actually make life out of nothing, and you carry it for nine months and then when it’s born, you’re there forever with the children.”