Webisodes precede KISS reality show ’4th and Loud’

Chad Bowar | Loud Wire

KISS icons  and  are part owners of the L.A. Kiss arena football team, and a new reality show ’4th and Loud’ will chronicle the team’s inaugural season. The program debuts Aug. 12 on AMC.

The 10 hour-long episodes will follow owners Stanley and Simmons, along with long-time manager Doc McGhee, other team executives and of course, players and coaches as they try to turn L.A.’s first professional football team in years into a winning franchise.

“We are thrilled to partner with AMC in bringing our show to the viewing public,” Stanley says. “Anyone who knows Gene and I know we have never played by the rules. This opportunity to see the making of our team of rebels, the LA KISS, from behind the scenes will once again show everyone that we play to win.”

The first three ’4th and Loud’ webisodes are now available (watch below). The first one ‘Meet the Owners’ features Stanley and Simmons. The other two introduce viewers to the team’s players and coaches that will be featured on the show. You can also watch a trailer for the series below.

KISS are currently on tour with Def Leppard. That trek wraps up Aug. 31 in Woodlands, Texas. On Nov. 5, they’ll begin a Las Vegas residency at the The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for nine shows.


KISS’ Gene Simmons: ‘I’m On the Side of Donald Sterling’


gene-simmons-first-pitch-650Even when it seems everyone is opposed to something as awful as Donald Sterling’s racist rant, everyone isn’t always on the same page. In an interview forThe Wall Street Journal, Kiss’ Gene Simmons expressed his support for the former Los Angeles Clippers owner.

In doing press for the new AMC series 4th and Loud – about the Kiss-branded Arena Football League team L.A. Kiss — Simmons was asked if he had followed the Sterling incident.

“I’m on the side of Don Sterling,” he replied, before his position was even asked. Although he admits that Sterling is “heinous,” he opines that he should have been let off with a fine, since the rant occurred in private.

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KISS Set to Shoot Movie ‘Cadillac High’ in Michigan

Mike Adams | Banana1015

Cadillac, Michigan became the adopted home of the legendary rock band KISS back in 1974, after the group showed up in the small town to lend several days of support to the high school football team. Since then, the people of Cadillac have held KISS in high regard, and the experience was such a memorable occasion that a movie called ‘Cadillac High’ is now in the works.

According to reports, Gene Simmons confirmed last week that KISS is about to begin production for the film, which was originally proposed by the Michigan Film Office back in 2012. However, as with any film, finding the proper financial support kept production from immediately moving forward. “It’s now been fully funded and it’s now in pre-production,” Simmons told MLive. “The only date or timeline [for a release] I can give would be a guess.”

Philip Steuer, who is best known for his work on ‘Interview with a Vampire’, ‘Narnia’ and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’, will produce ‘Cadillac High’. The film is expected to employ 205 Michigan residents and will spend over $27 million, according to data from the Michigan Film Office.

To learn more about when KISS visited Cadillac, Michigan, be sure to check out the video above.

Q&A: KISS’ Gene Simmons explains Detroit Rock City’s power, band’s future, tour with Def Leppard

Eric Lacy | mlive

15545502-mmmainDETROIT, MI — The phone conversation last week started a bit awkward.

Me: “Hi Gene! My name is Eric Lacy and I’m a reporter with MLive.com. We own eight newspapers in the state of Michigan and cover Detroit entertainment.”

Gene Simmons: “I’m sorry.”

Fortunately KISS’ on-stage demon warmed up quickly after I asked him to reflect on the impact the Motor City made in the early 70s when the band needed some love.

“We broke in Detroit before any other city,” Simmons said quietly, seemingly with conviction. “We did it even though we’re from New York.

I caught up with Simmons last week to find out more about the band’s relationship with Detroit and Michigan through the years, its future that includes a variety of projects and a current tour with Def Leppard.

The tour makes an Aug. 23 stop at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston.

During the chat, Simmons broke some news when he revealed that a movie about KISS’ 1975 visit to Cadillac, Mich. is fully-funded and in pre-production.

Enjoy the interview and feel free to post any questions/reaction in the comments section below.

What does playing in Detroit mean to you after all these years knowing this city helped get the band popular across the country?

It was the heartland of America because America was built on wheels. Without cars and trucks and stuff like that, we wouldn’t have the structure of the highways and everything else. Detroit was the heartbeat of that; it was the Motor City. And it wasn’t just the home of Americans working their butts off so that the rest of us could ride in comfort and create the infrastructure, but also the home of America’s music, this kind of amalgam of R&B, soul and Motown.

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Strange Ways podcast 29 – Asylum!

Terry X

285>_9809703It’s been a minute since your KISS Army bros did a roundtable..and we were super stoked to be joined by Adam Smith from KISSTORY SCIENCE THEATRE! This time around we dive into the controversial and very colorful 1985 KISS offering..ASYLUM!!!

Ace Frehley on his new book

Jeff Giles | Ultimate Classic Rock

Ace-FrehleyThere isn’t exactly a shortage of Kiss memoirs on the marketplace, but Ace Frehley hopes you’ve got room for a few more on your bookshelf.

Speaking with the Rock Pit to promote his upcoming ‘Space Invader‘ LP, Frehley pulled back the curtain on preparations for his next book, the follow-up to his 2011 autobiography ‘No Regrets.’ Saying he expects it to “be along the same lines as the first one,” he added that he has “a couple of chapters written,” and went on to offer a few hints as to what fans can expect to find in the pages.

“I don’t believe in bashing people, I don’t believe in a lot of negativity, so most of the stories in the book are going to be about me, funny stories and funny situations on the road, all stories about me in the Bronx growing up, and so on and so forth,” continued Frehley. “There wasn’t much in the first book about the Frehley’s Comet years, and there’s plenty of stories along those lines, there’s still plenty of Kiss stories, and plenty of stories of me growing up. I probably have enough stories for five books.”

Frehley didn’t include any sort of timeline for the project’s release, but he did offer a peek into his writing routine, which seems rigid enough that he should be able to finish another book’s worth of material sooner than later. “Every day I wake up and I remember something else that I completely forgot about,” he mused. “You know, I just turned 63; I’ve lived a lot in my life. The latest thing was I was just talking to my fiancee, Rachel, about the time I went over to John McEnroe’s house, the famous tennis player, and I remembered something. I’ll have to give John a call and document it for my next book.”

Podcast Rock City – One year celebration!

Joe Polo

Hey guys!! Joe here and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support in doing PCRC!! I have met a lot of awesome ppl in the past year and I wanted to celebrate by doing a show a day for the next few days..so each day I will release a show with a different friend and I hope you enjoy!!


STRANGE WAYS Podcast – 29 – The End?

Terry X

285>_9781537Episode 29 finds your KISS Army bros joined by MATT PORTER from THE KISS ROOM, as well as our Canadian Co-Anchor, ANDREW KISS!!! We got together for a little discussion about something none of us wants to face..The End of KISS… Even with such heavy subject matter, we still had a blast, and hope you do too!!!

New Jersey KISS Expo, September 13, 2014


Saturday, September 13, 2014
NJ Convention and Exposition Center, at the Raritan Center
97 Sunfield Ave, Edison NJ 08837.
Directions and info are at NJkissexpo.com

It’s coming up sooner than you think – The New Jersey KISS Expo returns to Edison NJ for an exciting day of celebrating KISS with all your KISS friends and family! Tickets will go on sale in early August.

Taking reservations for dealer tables now! We sell out every year, so get yours today. Dealer table reservation info is HERE.


KISS’ Gene Simmons still feels like an immigrant

Cindy Watts | The Tennessean

Britta Pedersen

Britta Pedersen

Tongue-wagging, fire-spitting Gene Simmons of KISS is 64 years old and every night on the band’s 40th anniversary tour, “I have to wear more makeup and higher heels than you ever wore,” he said.

To be exact, those heels are eight-inch platforms and he does it carrying 50 pounds of gear.

Not that he’s complaining.

“I’m happy every day I get up,” said the over-the-top bass player who will appear with KISS tonight at Bridgestone Arena. Def Leppard will also perform. “You open your eyes, you win.”

Simmons said the stage production has been 40 years in the making and he doesn’t want to divulge a single detail because he wants fans to come see it for themselves. He said the fans are his highlight every night.

“The highlight that happens almost every show is when you look out and you see somebody in their 40s or 50s, that’s great,” he said. “When you look out and you see teenagers, they’re cool and they’re seeing their first KISS concert, that’s great. But the amazing thing is when you look out and you see a father and he’s got KISS make up on. And you see his five-year-old kid on his shoulders and he’s got KISS make up on and they’re both doing my hand gesture, it just chokes me up. It’s amazing.

“When I was growing up rock and roll divided the generations and now it’s finally something the whole family can get behind. It’s a unifier and not a divider. I love that about KISS.”

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Gene Simmons: ‘I’m Thinking About Buying the Rock Hall’

Ultimate Guitar

32675_ver1405696909KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently discussed the still-current matter of Rock Hall, suggesting an interesting idea – to buy it.

Asked by the Tampa Tribune on how he’d change the system, Gene casually replied, “Well, I was thinking of buying the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.”

Prompted to further elaborate, the bassist suggested a string of changes he’d incorporate if becoming the new Rock Hall head honcho. “The first thing I would do is move the bodies buried in the wrong place. I would bury them in the right place,” he explained.

“I would put Run DMC, who I believe are very good, and the rest of hip-hop into the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame. I would take Madonna and Donna Summer, who was a dear friend, and put them in the Disco or Dance Hall of Fame. I would put Deep Purple in the Hall. The fact that Blondie got in before Humble Pie is crazy,” Simmons added.

During the rest of the chat, the musician touched on quite a few interesting matters, ranging from original KISS reunion to the internet’s impact to Lady Gaga.

The interviewer didn’t even get to finish the Frehley/Criss reunion question as Gene jumped in with “Not a chance. We’ve already danced that dance three different times. No way will we reunite. It wouldn’t be fair to Tommy and Eric. It wouldn’t be right.”

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Kiss’ Gene Simmons On Reuniting With Ace Frehley and Peter Criss: “Not A Chance” Read More: Kiss’ Gene Simmons On Reuniting With Ace Frehley and Peter Criss: “Not A Chance”

Ken Kelley | Ultimate Classic Rock


Kevin Winter

Kevin Winter

Kiss co-captain Gene Simmons is not one for mincing words. And his latest statement won’t be music to the ears of those still holding out for a reunion between the original four members of the iconic band.

In a new interview with the Tampa Tribune, Simmons offers a blunt answer when asked whether or not he would reunite with estranged Kiss members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss: ‘Not a chance.”

“We’ve already danced that dance three different times,” he explained. “No way will we reunite. It wouldn’t be fair to [current Kiss members] Tommy [Thayer, guitar] and Eric [Singer, drums]. It wouldn’t be right.”

Yet for all of his perceived brashness, Simmons is ultimately grateful for and gracious about all that Kiss have been able to accomplish over the last four decades. “We have no reason to complain. We’re the luckiest sons of bitches to walk the face of the Earth.”

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Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud: KISS rolls into the Joint in November

John Katsilometes | Las Vegas Sun

Eric Kabik

Eric Kabik

Prepare for a case of KISS and tell, rock fans.

“What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas, not if we have anything to do with it,” KISS founding member Gene Simmons said, tongue in cheek, in a news release today announcing the band’s November residency at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel.

“We intend to blow the roof off the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and one of rock’s most enduring live acts, are celebrating their 40th year as an active band with a set of shows aptly titled “KISS rocks Vegas,” running Nov. 5-23. That’s a total of nine dates.

Show times are 8 p.m. Tickets start at $49.50 and are on sale at 10 a.m. Friday at the Hard Rock Hotel box office, at AXS.com and by calling 1-888-9-AXS-TIX. VIP ticket and room and show packages also are available at the Hard Rock Hotel website.

Following the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in April, for which they refused to perform because of a dispute as to which members would be in the live lineup, KISS released its 40th anniversary CD, “KISS 40,” spanning its entire career.

The band has amassed 28 gold albums and sold 40 million albums in the U.S. and 100 million worldwide. The band’s current lineup are founding members Simmons and Paul Stanley, guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer.

The series is a partnership between the hotel and concert promoter and producer AEG Live. According to today’s release, the production will be “one of the loudest, most over-the-top, nonstop parties at the Joint.”

As in such residencies by Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Guns N’ Roses, expect flashy sets, a sufficiently high volume of rock and wild pyrotechnics. The setlist promises to be jammed with KISS classics to appease veterans of the KISS Army.

AEG Live Vice President of Booking Bobby Reynolds said, “For 40 years, KISS has been putting on some of the most exciting shows in music, and we finally got them where they should be — Las Vegas at the Joint. We couldn’t be more excited to see what they’re gearing up for!”

Rock n’ Stroll September 28th

Mt Sinai Hospital

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 8.28.49 PM

Rock n’ Stroll is the only walk in Toronto focused on the critically important care of high-risk births – an area where Mount Sinai is one of North America’s renowned leaders.

Approximately two-thirds of the 7,000 births we oversee each year are considered high-risk – more than any other GTA hospital.

kiss subway

NY Subway ad

Every pregnancy is filled with hope, excitement and some anxiety, but for women considered “high-risk” the anxiety can be far greater. At Mount Sinai, these women have access to expert care throughout their pregnancy to make them feel confident and supported as they embark on their journey to motherhood or add to their growing family.

What is a high-risk pregnancy or birth?

A pregnancy is high-risk if either the mother or baby have an increased risk of health problems. There are a number of factors that put a pregnancy at a higher risk. These women require greater vigilance and monitoring throughout their pregnancies, and special interventions and treatments may be required during pregnancy and birth. These factors can include existing chronic health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes, age, lifestyle factors, multiples or if the growing baby has a condition such as Down’s syndrome or development issues.

Your support helps us fund the resources, facilities and equipment to deliver this specialized care to moms and babies. Thank you.

Decibel Geek, episode 145 – Conversation with Ken Barr


Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 5.14.43 PM

Some of the most memorable KISS discussions we’ve had are the ones we’ve conducted with crew members. This week’s guest should prove to continue that tradition.
Former KISS crew member Ken Barr joins Chris and Aaron this week for an in-depth discussion of a very transitional phase in the Hottest Band in the Land’s career. Ken was a drum tech/guitar tech/carpenter for KISS from 1992 – 1996. His tenure included the Revenge tour, Alive III, the 1995 convention tour, MTV Unplugged, Reunion tour rehearsals, and the 1996 KROQ Weenie Roast. Lots of stories about the personalities behind the members of KISS, stories from the road, and Ken’s thoughts on what the band is doing today.