KISS Army AWOL case file #51: KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park

Nathan Rabin | AV Club

960KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park resembles a number of misbegotten spin-offs, as it represents the most embarrassing manifestation of a pop-culture touchstone. Like other bastard progeny—The Simpsons’ cash-grab effort The Yellow Album, the non-Beatles movie Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band, the Atari E.T. home video game, and the Star Wars Holiday Special—it takes pop-culture monoliths in such unfathomable directions that the creators and fans of the corrupted landmarks try to wish these monstrosities out of existence through sheer force of will. (In the case of Atari’s E.T, the notorious video game wasliterally buried.) The red-headed step-children of these cultural milestones even call the integrity of their source material into question.

Although KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park is just as infamous as these other efforts, KISS never had much integrity to begin with. The television movie’s notoriety lies not in how it strays from what made KISS great, or at least fun, but rather in how it embodies the comic-book-crazed, monster-movie trash aesthetic of KISS’ Gene Simmons so purely that even he found it obnoxious. If you were to include a scene of Simmons deriding Frehley and Criss to a reporter that he’s also disparaging while receiving oral sex from a mother-daughter groupie team and counting a giant stack of $100 bills, then KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Parkwould be a perfect reflection of Simmons’ sensibility.

The G-rated nature of KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park feels dishonest. These were debauched maniacs out to fuck your girlfriend, snort your cocaine, and crash your car into a brick wall, not kid-friendly do-gooders out to solve mysteries and defeat evildoers through their space magic. Simmons is much less interested in helping people out than in helping himself to other’s people money, something he’s quite gifted at acquiring. He’s less skilled at things like “music” and “being a decent human being.”

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Gene Simmons’ Daughter Reveals Why Police Searched Her Family’s Home

Jackie Willis | ET

Sophie Simmons explains what really went down when the police showed up to search her family’s Los Angeles home in August.

According to a statement obtained by ET from the rep of Sophie’s father, Gene Simmons, the LAPD Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force went to the house “to discuss a crime that may have occurred on their property last year while Mr. Simmons was away on tour with KISS.” Though, the Simmons family were never suspects themselves.

The task force helps “state and local agencies to develop effective, sustainable responses to online child victimization and child pornography,” according to its website.

“It was more of a hacking situation than it was anything physical because there wasn’t actually anything physical in our house. I feel like we would’ve noticed,” Sophie told ET of the search. “But, someone used our IP address or our Wi-Fi to access something which is a relatively easy thing to do.”

The 23-year-old further explained, “If you’re ever driving down the street and your phone asks you if you want to use someone’s WIFI and you say yes, you’re now using their IP address so anything you do is linked back to whatever WIFI that is.”
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What’s New in KISS Collecting – KISS 3D Logo Foam Wall Signs


2S2A6155_copy__59906.1449203446.1280.1280The KISS 3D Logo Foam Wall Sign is an awesome representation of the famous KISS logo stacked in layers of high-density heavy “foam” material. Not cheap styrofoam, but a constructed from no less than 4 layers of a modern dense, firm material that holds it’s shape and gives razor sharp corners to the artwork.

Available HERE at

Paul Stanley Says He’s Ready For A Kiss New Album, Gene Simmons Says He Has Songs Lined Up

Enzo Soliman | Kpop Starz

Paul Kane

Paul Kane

Members of Kiss revealed that they are ready to release a new album, as there have been reports of the band regrouping to produce another record.

Gene Simmons revealed in a recent interview that was reported by that they have plans to work on the new Kiss album by next year.

He revealed how they have their own personal schedules lined up for this year plus an appearance from the band sometime in 2016.

“It will happen when we have time. I have music in me that needs to come out. I recently wrote a song called ‘Your Wish Is My Command.’ It feels like a Kiss song and it just needs to be released on a [new] Kiss album.”

“First we have to finish a whole slew of shows. That will take at least until the end of this year.”

With a new album scheduled for Kiss, the face-painted group is also scheduled to appear in at least six shows; one in January, one in February, three Germany shows in May and a June appearance in Italy.

Simmons, meanwhile, also revealed the plans of doing a self-produced record, wherein Paul Stanley could produce the record.

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The KISS Room podcast, from December 11, 2015

Matt Porter

It’s a KISSmas party and YOU are invited!

Listen to the December edition of THE KISS ROOM!

Matt Porter is joined in THE KISS ROOM by:

Bobby Dreher (Hair ‘Em), Chris Hartman (Almost Human), Barb Hartman, Bob McMichael, Ken Mills (PodKISSt) Craig Smith (Pods & Sods) Joe Polo (Podcast Rock City), plus a special live performance form Jerry Lee Watkins, Steve Campagna and Fran Galanti from Rock and Roll Over and featuring the songs from our DEMOS project!


Paul Stanley of Kiss Sings National Anthem at Lakers vs Spurs


KISSPaul Stanley was in San Antonio Friday (Dec. 11) as part of the grand opening of a new Rock & Brews restaurant in the Texas city, but while in San Antonio, he also made an appearance at the San Antonio Spurs – Los Angeles Lakers game, where he sang the National Anthem.

After his introduction and prior to the song, he requested, “Would everybody please join me in singing to honor the military, the vets and the senseless killings that took place at the hands of terrorists? Let’s all sing together.” Flanked by servicemen, Stanley then proceeded to deliver the National Anthem for those in attendance. See his performance in the player above.

Speaking with the San Antonio Express News, Stanley discussed the National Anthem and his history with the song. “The Star-Spangled Banner is a real interesting one in that people tend to obliterate it when they do it and turn it into a showcase for vocal gymnastics instead of singing it as it was written. If you’re looking for showboating, you’re not going to hear it. The anthem should be sung with respect.”

Stanley has enjoyed a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career with KISS, but has spoken recently about the idea of the band continuing after he and fellow original member Gene Simmons decide to retire. As much as I’m a big fan of what I do and think I do it really well, I didn’t invent the wheel,” Stanley says. “Somebody is out there who can come in and take my place, and at some point, I don’t see a reason for the band to fold anymore than I can see a reason for a team to fold.”


KISSMAS NEW YEARS BASH – Jan. 9, 2016 – Montreal, Canada

The KISS Army Nation

Promo Banner 2Taking place on Jan. 9th, 2016 on the South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, this party promises to be the Party Event of the Year.  Special guests JR SMALLING and MARK MONTAGUE will be in attendance for a special Q&A.  We are presently taking preorders for JR’s book, OUT ON THE STREETS for the special price of $40.00CAN.  Purchased books will be given out at the event by JR SMALLING himself.  MARK MONTAGUE will be launching his book LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG at our event.   Montreal based KISSed will be our musical guest.   They will be performing 2 sets as well as KISSed karaoke.  

Throughout the night, we will be giving out Special Door Prizes and there will also be a photo shoot in the Foyer with KISS accessories including, yes, KISS BOOTS.     KISS music spanning their entire career will be playing all night by our DJ.  We will also have KISS Trivia, KISS Crossword puzzles at all the tables and KISS coloring activities for the kids. The night will end with 1 hour of KISS dance music. This event will be filmed for the KISS ARMY NATION TV.

This is a PRIVATE party event limited to 150 people. It is by invitation only but, you may also contact me, Pasquale Vari on Facebook or at to be invited. I will need your full name so I could write it on your ticket so you can be eligible for KISS Prizes and your name will be put on a GUEST LIST. You will NOT be able to enter the party if your name is not on the Guest List.

You can pay for your ticket in person, by cheque (PM me on Facebook or email me for my mailing address) or using PayPal. For my American friends, please make sure you send the money in Canadian. If you don’t see me in person, your ticket will be given to you at the door. Tickets WILL NOT be sold at the door. SORRY NO REFUNDS.

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KISS Singer Paul Stanley’s Soul Station Side Project Schedules New Concerts in 2016

Smooth Jazz 1059

Neil Zlozower

Neil Zlozower

In September, KISS singer Paul Stanley introduced his new side project, Soul Station, with a show at the Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood, California.  Now, Stanley has scheduled three new concerts with the group, which plays classic songs by a variety of soul-music acts from the 1960s and ’70s.

The concerts will all take place in Southern California, on February 26 in San Juan Capistrano, February 27 in Agoura Hills and February 28 in Pasadena.  Soul Station features KISS drummer Eric Singer, as well as guitarist Rafael “Hoffa” Moreira, bassist Sean Hurley, keyboardists Alex Alessandroni and Ely Rise, percussionist Ramon Yslas, horn player Jon Papenbrook and backing singers Nelson Beato,Crystal Starr and Laurhan Beato.  Singer also lends his vocal talents to the group.

Among the songs the band played at its debut show were The Temptations‘ “Get Ready,” Smokey Robinson and the Miracles‘ “Ooh Baby Baby,” Al Green‘s “Let’s Stay Together” and The Jackson 5‘s “I Want You Back.”

Tickets for the upcoming concerts go on sale this Friday, December 4, starting at 12 p.m. PT at

Here is the full list of Paul Stanley’s Soul Station shows:

2/26 — San Juan Capistrano, CA, The Coach House
2/27 — Agoura Hills, CA, The Canyon
2/28 — Pasadena, CA, The Rose

KISS Mart – Saturday December 5th, Sherman Theater Stroudsburg PA

mart2015 copy 2


The KISS Mart has teamed up with most amazing KISS tribute acts ever – Alive ’75, A Tribute to KISS! More than a KISS tribute band, the show is a totally immersive experience designed to bring you back to the era of 1975.

More info on the ‘Alive ’75 a Tribute to KISS’ experience can be seen HERE.

The list of events include
– Alive ’75, A Tribute to KISS
– Afterimage – RUSH Tribute band opener
– The lovely Lydia Criss
– The voice of KISS Alive!, JR Smalling
– KISS photographer Len Delessio

– Tables and tables of KISS collectibles for sale

For all details and directions, click HERE


Alive! ’75 Delivers the ULTIMATE Classic KISS Tribute Experience! – December 5th in Stroudsburg PA

Anthony De Lucia, Jr |

Alive75_2The “Ultimate Classic KISS Tribute” reaches new heights, as Alive! ’75 announces their BIGGEST event thus far, with a return to the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA, on Saturday, December 5th, 2015.

In their boldest effort to date, this event will deliver a complete package of classic KISS entertainment and merchandising, including:

  • Full KISS-Mart merchandising event, on-site the day of show, courtesy of
  • The Alive! ’75 “Time Warp” 1975 pre-show experience
  • Complete Alive! ’75 concert performances, including live fire-breathing and other new surprises!
  • Opportunity for fans to meet, greet and hear directly from the following people WHO WERE THERE in 1975:
    • JR Smalling – the VOICE of the Alive! Album!
    • Lydia Criss – wife of Peter Criss (1970 – ’78), and author of “Sealed with a KISS”
    • Len DeLessio – photographer working with KISS in 1974 & 1975
  • With special guest Emcee Matt Porter of The KISS Room, and special guest opener – Afterimage: A Tribute to Rush

Demon_1Fans get an exciting, period-specific tribute-concert experience in Alive! ’75, plus a whole host of classic KISS fun and excitement throughout the day – before, during and after the main event.

With so many KISS-tribute bands in the marketplace,  Alive! ’75 – A Tribute to KISS continues to be different by providing a complete package, including the period-specific 1975 experience.  For die-hard classic KISS fans (those who appreciate their early works), as well as general fans of rock ‘n roll nostalgia, this is definitely an experience not to be missed!

Tickets are on sale now.  Complete details on this one-of-a-kind experience may be found at   Contact ‘‘ for more information.



How Destroyer shot KISS into the stratosphere

Bob Ruggiero | Houston Press

destroyerfull-nov24It was late 1975, and the career trajectory of KISS lay at a crucial crossroads. Despite the band’s wildly outlandish makeup and costumes, an increasingly bombastic stage show, and a small-but-dedicated fan base, their three studio albums to date had failed to garner much attraction and attention.

Then, the release of the single “Rock and Roll All Nite” fromAlive!  — though how little “live” the double LP truly was has always been an open secret — got them some much-needed attention. But it was clear that the next studio album would be a make-or-break move for the group.

In the end, 1976’s Destroyer would catapult the band into the music and pop-culture stratosphere, alienate older fans while grabbing millions of new (and younger) ones, provide them a Top 10 hit and — largely through Ken Kelly’s astounding cover painting — cement the members as rock and roll comic-book superheroes. Interestingly, Kelly got the call for duty when the band’s original choice, well-known fantasy and comic-book artist Frank Frazetta, balked at giving up all rights to his work. And in a weird twist, Frazetta was Kelly’s uncle!

Campion is obviously a superfan, and his writing does come off sometimes as gushy. The glut of recording-studio technical information might make some readers’ eyes glaze over, and he has a habit of referring and re-referring to his previously sourced material too much. But these are minor concerns when overall, Campion’s recounting of the Destroyer days (as well as to a lesser extent, KISStory both before and after) is rich and multi-voiced.

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