Paul Stanley -- The Phantom of the Opera
"The Phantom of the Opera" -- Fast Facts

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What: Paul Stanley plays the role of The Phantom of The Opera

Where: Toronto, Canada - The Pantages Theatre

When:May 25 through August 1st & September 28 through October 31.

Ticket Info: Box Office -- 244 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1B8.
Hours: Mon - Sat 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sun 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Livent Line: (416) 872-2222
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Webpage: Livnt Phamtom of the Opera website

November 3

Final Night of "Phantom of the Opera" Review & Photos
From: Lefki
For the final night of the Phantom performance Doc McGhee, Gene Simmons with Shannon and Pam with Evan attended. Evan was dressed up as the Phantom. He is too cute for words. I should have some pictures of that coming soon. He was singing "Music of the Night" while people were leaving. Some area TV news were there. Paul said a few words at the very end. He thanked Toronto and thanked Pantages for making many peoples dreams come true, including his. He also stated he was the last person hired to do the Phantom and is the last person to leave the stage which was quite an honor. They closed with the entire cast and employees of the Pantages Theatre on stage singing "Music of the Night". And then was closed off with a firecracker display and a spray of confetti with balloons. I'll tell you one thing though, every KISS fan in there...all they needed to see right then and there is Gene hop on stage and sing Rock & Roll All Nite. It was too good. So here of a few pictures of the closing. Click Here to view the photos.

August 24

No Phantom KISS Goodbye Yet
From: Toronto Sun via Paul Boyd
The fat lady has not sung for The Phantom Of The Opera just yet. Paul Stanley of KISS fame has been wooed back for 40 extra performances, from Sept. 28 to Oct. 31, pushing back the closing of the show by a month. Stanley said in a statement that a change in KISS tour dates made his return possible. The tenth anniversary of the show is being celebrated with a special performance Sept. 26, which was when the production was to close. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, September 29th at 10am at all usual Toronto outlets.

Paul Stanley Phantom Note
From: Paul Boyd
A special note to those who order tickets to see Paul Stanley in the Phantom of the Opera here in Toronto, it is noted in all the advertisements that Paul Stanley will NOT play the Phantom on Friday, October 29th, 1999 due to a previous commitment.

June 9

Paul Stanley Talks about His Role As The Phantom
From: Metal Edge via Mike Hogan
"Itžs been great in the sense that Ižm enjoying it immensely. I canžt say enough about the rush of doing it and the feedback," says Paul Stanley about his stint in the title role in the Toronto production of The Phantom of the Opera, in which he opened on May 25 and will star in until August 1. "Every show ends with a standing ovation. On some nights theyžre selling stools because every seat is completely full." At certain performances, discounted $30 same-day rush tickets for rear mezzanine and stool seats will be available at the Pantages Theatre box office beginning at 10:30 AM, which will allow more KISS fans to attend for an affordable price. More information about the production and ticket availability can be found at Stanley says he "definitely will do more" theater in the future, but next will turn his attention to KISS' fall tour. The band members will gather in Toronto later this month (likely June 28) to shoot the video for "Nothing Can Keep Me From You" for the Detroit Rock City soundtrack.

June 1

KISS Singer 'Adequate' in 'Phantom'
From: Toronto Sun
By Jane Stevenson -- Toronto Sun
TORONTO -- The diverse worlds of rock and roll and musical theatre collided last night as KISS singer Paul Stanley officially opened in the title role of the long-running production of The Phanton Of The Opera at the Pantages Theatre. And if Stanley didn't exactly shine as the deformed composer haunting the Paris Opera House while obsessing on a beautiful soprano, neither did he completely embarass himself. After 27 years with that revved-up and rowdy rock machine known as KISS, Stanley had the theatrical stage thing down pat as he moved gracefully around the various elaborate Phantom sets, even when he was literally crawling on his hands and knees. His singing voice, meanwhile, was almost unrecognizable but perfectly adequate -- even during the Phantom's signature song, Music Of The Night -- as long as he was required to belt it out in the mid-range level.
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KISS of the Phantom
From: Toronto Star
By Ben Rayner - Toronto Star Pop Music Critic
Rock band vocalist throws everything into his new gig.
From KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park to Phantom Of The Opera. There's actually a fair amount of continuity between Paul Stanley's best-known role as the double-entendre-spewing lead vocalist for enduring rock cartoons KISS and his latest endeavour, playing (as of tonight) the title character in Andew Lloyd Webber's equally enduring theatrical spectacle at the Pantages Theatre. Both ventures, after all, jibe nicely with Stanley's personal philosophy of ``entertainment in capital letters,'' favouring grandness and pyrotechnic flash over, say, subtlety and evocative minimalism. KISS and Phantom, too, have both weathered years of critical abuse to amass millions in album and ticket sales. Those same critics and Phantom die-hards are no doubt itching to take a few shots at Stanley's first foray into musical theatre. But the budding thespian, who got the part after a ``full-on'' audition in New York in January, is throwing everything into his new gig to ensure he has the last laugh. ``I'm not one who ventures into areas I don't plan on winning,'' says the surprisingly soft-spoken Stanley, 47, pausing for a chat at a downtown hotel between rehearsals, voice lessons and all-important mask fittings. ``No guts, no glory. The philosophy that will get you the farthest in life is the one that dares you the most. ``I think we're innately fully aware of what we're capable of doing, and that it's up to us to confirm our gut instinct.'' Stanley's gut instinct has told him he could do musical theatre since he first caught a production of Phantom in London 11 years ago, an experience he compares to seeing The Beatles for the first time. ``I felt like `Mmm, I can do that,' '' he recalls. ``I see it as a stretch, but not something that's so shocking. Musically, I'm a singer who sings rock, not a rock singer. So with some adjustments and some modifications, it's a perfect role . . . KISS is my vehicle, but it's not the only car on the road or the only car I want to drive.''
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May 31

Stanley Dons A New Mask
From: Halifax Herald via John H
By Ben Rayner / Toronto Star
Sheer spectacle, gut instinct propel singer from KISS to Phantom
Toronto - There's a fair amount of continuity between Paul Stanley's best-known role as the double-entendre-spewing lead vocalist for KISS and his latest endeavour, playing the Phantom in Andew Lloyd Webber's equally enduring theatrical spectacle. Both ventures jibe nicely with Stanley's personal philosophy of "entertainment in capital letters," favouring grandness and pyrotechnic flash over subtlety and evocative minimalism. KISS and Phantom of the Opera, too, have both weathered years of critical abuse to amass millions in album and ticket sales. Those same critics and Phantom die-hards are no doubt itching to take a few shots at Stanley's first foray into musical theatre. But the budding thespian threw everything into his new gig at the Pantages Theatre to ensure he has the last laugh. "I'm not one who ventures into areas I don't plan on winning," says the soft-spoken Stanley, 47, pausing for a chat at a downtown hotel between rehearsals, voice lessons and mask fittings. "No guts, no glory. The philosophy that will get you the farthest in life is the one that dares you the most. "I think we're innately fully aware of what we're capable of doing, and that it's up to us to confirm our gut instinct."
Picture courtesy Veronica Henri / The Toronto Sun / CP
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Charmed by Phantom's KISS
From: Toronto Sun via Francesco Gucciardo and Steve Araki
By Jane Stevenson -- Toronto Sun
Paul Stanley knows a little something about giving the fans what they want
Like Gene Simmons, his loud-mouth cohort in veteran glam-rock band KISS, the chatty but more refined Paul Stanley has never met a journalist he didn't like. So it would appear when Stanley sat down recently to discuss his surprising career move into theatre as the star of the long-running Toronto production of The Phantom Of The Opera. It opens with him at the Pantages Theatre on Wednesday night after previews this past week. Stanley screams rock star on this particular day, in a black leather outfit with his shirt undone to just above his belly button. He's also wearing silver hoop earrings. As I take notes, he rattles off his breakfast menu. "He orders Earl Grey tea, frosted flakes, skim milk, and an English muffin," says Stanley with a smile as I sit opposite him in a restaurant at a downtown hotel that's been his home for the last month during Phantom rehearsals. "You've done this before," I joke. Ah yes, the promotional machinery that has been KISS for the last 27 year doesn't suddenly disappear just because Stanley has traded in his platform boots, black spandex and Kabuki makeup for an opera mask and a black-tie ensemble. If anything, Stanley is selling himself even harder because he knows there are skeptics out there -- Entertainment Weekly referred to his casting as "talk about a Phantom Menace" -- who doubt his ability to perform without pyrotechnics. "I've always liked the challenge of breaking the rules and breaking tradition, and also winning at the game," says Stanley, 47. "I don't make a habit of doing things where I look foolish. I may have people scratching their heads when I do something but, by the end, they're usually well rewarded." And is there really that much of a difference between singing the KISS anthem Lick It Up and The Phantom's signature song, Music Of The Night? "It's related obviously," admits Stanley. "And yet it takes re-orientation. I've always thought of myself as a singer who sings rock as opposed to a rock singer. So in doing Phantom it gives me a chance to explore another facet." Stanley, who was on the road with the KISS Psycho Circus tour when he got the call in January to audition in New York, first saw Phantom in London back in 1988. He has seen it several times since, including twice in Toronto with his predecessor, Quebec singer Rene Simard. Stanley, who takes over the role until Aug. 1, will be followed by actor Jeff Hyslop as Phantom wraps up its 10-year run in September. Unlike Simard and Hyslop, Stanley has a healthy built-in audience. His visit to the Mike Bullard's Open Mike show caused KISS fans to start lining up outside the Masonic Temple at 10 a.m., while about 600 people showed up at Tower Records last weekend for an in-store appearance. Even Livent's ads for Stanley's Phantom run exclaim: "You can't escape his KISS!"
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May 27

Paul Stanley Takes On The Phantom
From: via Paul Boyd
Kiss singer premieres as the lead in Andrew Lloyd Weber's musical production. A newly-shorn Paul Stanley donned a different mask than the greasepaint one he has become re-accustomed to in recent months when he paraded onto the Pantages Theater stage in Toronto last night (May 25) for the opening performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Before a motley crew of theatergoers, tourists and long-haired rock fans, the face which earned a mother's fear and loathing in Kiss took on the title role in Andrew Lloyd Weber's operetta about a disfigured masked man who terrorizes the Paris Opera House. Stanley proved very much in his element amid the pyrotechnics and subterranean setting of the show, which is based on the novel by Gaston Leroux and full of macabre overtures and booming, dark orchestrations. Having just returned from a stadium tour of Europe, South Africa and Mexico to promote Kiss's latest album, Psycho Circus, Stanley admitted in a recent press conference that his week-long stint as the Phantom would fulfill a decade-long dream. The guitarist first saw The Phantom of the Opera ten years ago in London and vowed then to one day play the lead. After weeks of rehearsals, he was about to embark on that goal. When the performance began, a couple of hoots and whistles signaled that this was not your typical socialite theatergoing crowd. Three scenes into Act I, Stanley made his first appearance as a reflection in a mirror, as he eerily crooned, "I am your angel of music" to the naÔve opera starlet Christine Daae, with whom the deformed apparition is infatuated. As the mirror opened, the black-caped, white-masked figure pulled Christine into his underground world, leading her to the boat that would navigate the couple's way through the conduit beneath the theater. Candles and dry ice blanketed the stage, much as smoke and fire would at a classic Kiss show.
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May 26

Paul Stanley As The Phantom Of The Opera: Reviews
From: Michael Anthony

Here's my review of Paul Stanley's opening night as the Phantom of the Opera. Tonight was a very cool night! Paul Stanley did his first performance as the Phantom of the Opera at the Pantages Theatre in Toronto. Here's what happened....Walking into the theatre was all that was needed to know that this wasn't just another Phantom of the Opera. I saw the production 9 years ago and something here was definitely different. The people here weren't your typical theatre goers. There was a lot of long hairs and leather there tonight which was great. It was a little louder than usual as well. The souvenir tables were selling Kiss CD wallets and Kiss T-shirts, programs, CD's (Paul doesn't sing on it. It's an old release) etc. We had some great seats, front and center section, about 8 rows back. There were a lot of Kiss fans in this section. We had some friends about 6 rows back and we had to stick our 3 fingers out (heavy metal style) and stick our tongues (Gene Simmons style) now and again just for kicks. Nobody was dressed in full Kiss garb though which kind of surprised me. I thought for sure somebody would do it. If anybody there came in make-up, I didn't see them. As far as the rest of the theater goes, it was packed like it always is. The show started and I was curious as to how the fans would react when Paul came on stage. I had forgotten exactly how the Phantom made his entrance. The female lead (Christine, no, not Christine 16) was singing in front of a mirror in which you could see her reflection and suddenly you hear Paul's voice singing a duet with her which was really cool. After he sang some of the song with her, his reflection appeared in the mirror with her. I expected some applause here. As it turns out, the reflection isn't actually Paul, but a body double. The double comes out of the mirror and walks down a flight of stairs. They then appear walking down a flight of stairs from way up in the air. This is actually Paul now. Not much noise from the fans yet, but you could tell they were getting excited.
Click Here To Read The Rest Of The Review & See The Complete Paul Stanley Phantom Postcard Set!

May 24

Paul Stanley Autograph Session Report
From: Gord Sobota
Hi! I'm e-mailing from Toronto Canada and just to let everyone know Paul Stanley did an autograph session at Tower Records on Saturday May 22/99 in Toronto. He did a Q & A and then signed autographs for 75 minutes. He was in great spirits and was really hyped and seemed quite prepared for the Phantom of the Opera that he kicks off on Tuesday. At the Q & A he said that KISS will be performing some of the 80's and 90's KISS material on the next leg of the tour. I am seeing the Phantom on Friday of this week so will let everyone know what it was like seeing Paul in action!!! Apparently Gene, Ace and Peter will be attending the opening night on Tuesday!!!

May 20

Paul Stanley As The Phantom
Here is the new newspaper ad for the Phantom with Paul! This ad appeared in The Toronto Star newspaper today, May 20, 1999. It clearly shows Paul in full Phantom attire!

Paul Stanley On Mike Bullard Show Report
This evening Paul Stanley appeared on "Open Mike with Mike Bullard" here in Toronto, Canada. The show is kind of like the Canadian version of David Letterman. Paul was there to promote his upcoming run as "The Phantom", in "The Phantom of the Opera" theatre production. Paul has cut his hair short for the part(!). After playing 5 stadium shows in South America, Paul said that he flew into Toronto, and began rehearsals. In the brief interview, he discussed how this is a new challenge for him, and he hopes that it will be supported by KISS fans and theatre goers alike. He also noted that KISS will be back touring again and that he felt the best was yet to come. After his segment, he approached the audience to sign autographs, and then made a quick exit. The majority of the audience was made up of enthusiastic members of the KISS ARMY. Personally, I lucked out and somehow managed to get a front row seat for the show (very cool).

May 8

Paul Stanley Autograph Signing & Q&A May 22
From: Louise Solomon / Tower Records
Prior to donning the mask in Phantom Of The Opera,Paul Stanley will make an appearance at Tower Records in Toronto, Canada on Saturday, May 22nd from 12 - 2pm. The instore will include a 40 minute Q and A, as well as an autograph signing. Should be outstanding!!

March 26

Q-107 Paul Stanley Radio Interview
I caught the last 5 minutes of a Q107 radio interview with Paul Stanley. The main topic of discussion was his upcoming role as the Phantom starting May 25. He did go thru a series of auditions for the part and he did mention that he will be singing in traditional Phantom style. Basically it won't be a rock'n'roll version of the play. The interviewer did bring up the vocal challenge of doing the part, Paul basically stated that it requires a different "technique" of singing versus the traditional r&r style that we know him for. He seemed very confident in this area, bottom line: expect to see a different side of Mr.Stanley. Do not expect the Love Gun/Lick it Up/Psycho version. Q107 will be running the KISS weekend starting at 3:00 pm this Friday. Basically 1 out of every 4-5 songs played by the station will be a Kiss track. They will be giving away free tickets to the Phantom over the weekend. Other groups who've received this treatment include Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Rush, Pink Floyd, AC-DC, Aerosmith etc.

KISS Phantom of the Opera Desktop Theme
From: Rae
We have created a desktop theme in honor of Paul playing the Phantom in the Phantom of the Opera. It will only be available until August 1. Click Here to check it out.

March 11

Paul Stanley: Phantom Of The Opera
From: ABC News via Kim Mayhall
NEW YORK (Variety) - Bankrupt theater company Livent is expected to announce as early as Thursday that it will shutter production of ``The Phantom of the Opera'' at Toronto's Pantages Theater after the show's 10th anniversary in late September. ``Phantom'' has long been a cash cow for Livent but company executives believe their newest Broadway show, ``Fosse,'' could do better, industry insiders said. In any event, ``Phantom'' will get a few more milkings before being put out to pasture: various Canadian and American pop stars will appear as the Phantom over the next few months. In April, Canada's answer to Donny Osmond, singer Rene Simard, is expected to join the company in the title role in an eight-week run. He'll be followed by KISS lead vocalist and guitarist Paul Stanley in a 10-week run. Stanley may be as unconventional a choice as any in the usually dainty world of musical theater, but he's certainly no slouch at selling records, having sold 70 million albums worldwide. The leather-clad kabuki rocker will take time off from the group's ``Psycho Circus'' world tour for his commitment to ``Phantom,'' and will resume touring in North America in August and in Asia in the fall. "Phantom'' will round out its run with Jeff Hyslop, who has some familiarity with the role, having played 800 performances during his time with the touring company.

More On Paul Stanley Joining Phantom Of The Opera
From: Digital Hit Entertainment
Toronto-based theatrical producer Livent announced today that its long-running production of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's The Phantom of the Opera would leave Toronto's Pantages Theatre on September 26th, 1999. With roughly six months to go before the show's 10th anniversary, the company also announced the signing of three performers who will don the mask. They are Canadian singing star RenČ Simard, Canadian song-and-dance sensation Jeff Hyslop, and most surprisingly, Paul Stanley, the lead singer of the rock band KISS. Messrs. Simard and Hyslop attended the press conference, while Mr. Stanley made his introduction to the press via a long distance phone call. Paul said that he's wanted to play the role for ten years and hopes to introduce theater to a broader audience. The dates for the three Phantoms are:

  • Rene Simard: April 2 to May 23
  • Paul Stanley: May 25 to August 1
  • Jeff Hyslop: August 3 to September 26
    In celebration of its ten year run, prices for Phantom are being rolled back to 1989 levels. For tickets information call 416-872-2222. Groups of 20 or more should call 416-925-7466.

    KISS' Paul Stanley Plays Phantom
    From: AP Newswire via Tuck Watts
    (Toronto-AP) -- The makeup people can just paint on his mask. Paul Stanley of KISS will play the title role in "Phantom of the Opera" in Toronto this summer. Stanley says he's wanted to do the role for a long time and sees it as a big challenge. Two other performers in addition to Stanley will also play the title role in the remaining months of the show's run, from May 25th to August first.

    It's The Phantom of The Rocker For KISS's Paul Stanley
    From: MTV via Mike Hogan
    In one of the odder stories in rock n' roll, Kiss' Paul Stanley will be performing as the Phantom in the Toronto stage production of "Phantom of the Opera" starting May 25 and continuing through to August 1. The singer will be taking advantage of a break in his band's schedule to perform the part. KISS are currently touring Europe, they move on to South America in April, and after that, they don't plan on seeing a lot of activity until their movie "Detroit Rock City" is ready to roll in August.


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