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"A World Without Heroes" A Novel By Dale Sherman
"DARK LIGHT: A World Without Heroes II" A Novel By Dale Sherman
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"KISS Fact of the Week" by Bob Rodrick
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"The KISS Thought Vault" by Ron Albanese
"KISS Album Focus" by Julian Gill
"Diamonds In The Rough" by Dale Sherman
"KISS Video Spotlight" by Byron Fogle
"KISS Comics Online" by Bill Hollweg
Celebrity Art of Roch Vaillancourt
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KISS Army Online Asks Bill Aucoin (An Ongoing Q&A with the fans)
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Official "Black Diamond" web page
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Articles & Stories
  • (11-24-99) KISS ASYLUM's Dale Sherman Interview
  • (11-24-99) Video Spotlight Interviews Loretta Caravello
  • (11-23-99) Video Spotlight Interviews Bruce Kulick & Adam Mitchell
  • (11-22-99) Video Spotlight Interviews Jim Romanovich
  • (11-15-99) Mark St. John: The KISS ASYLUM Interview
  • (10-6-99) Welcome To CampTod - KISS ASYLUM's Interview with Tod Howarth
  • (9-13-99) "Break The Walls Down" - The Chris Jericho Interview
  • (9-7-99) KISS ASYLUM Interviews Karl Cochran from ESP / Ace Frehley Band
  • (8-17-99) The Essential Eric Singer Interview
  • (10-13-97) Dale Sherman of Black Diamond 2
  • (10-06-97)Andre Augustine
  • (07-23-97) KISS N Tell More: The Gordon Gebert Interview
  • (05-26-97) David Snowden
  • Doug Cataldo (former Vinnie Vincent Website Webmaster)
  • Eric Carr Interview by Thomas Valentino
  • KISS Hell Online
  • (02-16-98) CK Lendt
  • (09-29-97) Peter Criss Q&A
  • (08-03-97) Bruce Kulick Q&A
  • (08-03-97) Richie Scarlet
  • (04-04-97) Eric Singer
  • Website Editors & Fan Contributed
  • Orlando KISS Expo '98 & Bruce Kulick Guitar Clinic
  • It Never Goes Away: The COS Controversy
  • Eric Carr Tribute Article
  • The Ideal KISS Box Set
  • Encounters with Paul Caravello by Dale Sherman
  • A Defense of the Peter Criss Solo Album by Ron Albanese
  • KULICK.net

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    In The Spotlight
    KISS Guitar Tabs
    The #1 source for KISS Guitar and Bass tabs on the internet! A great resource for those KISS fans that can wield an ax!

    KISS Album Focus
    Exploring the history of the band through each album release. You'll be able to find out the logic behind the releases, what was going on in the band during the recording of albums, what the band was up to in the period leading up to studio time, and lots more information which should be of interest to the diehard fan!

    Sound Off KISS Army
    KISS ASYLUM wanted to open the door to other writers out there and give them a place where they can voice their opinions about KISS. We bet there are more than a few of you who have at least one KISS related topic burning in you that you'd love to write a one time piece about. Well, KISS ASYLUM is happy to bring to you a forum in which to do so in our new feature "SOUND OFF!" KISS ARMY.

    KISS Thought Vault
    The "Summertime Memories" Kiss Thought Vault finds Ron Albanese waxing nostalgic over summers past, by way of release dates and pinball. A certain starry-eyed little girl also secures her place in Vault history. Also mentioned: The Harlem Globetrotters.

    KISS Video Spotlight
    What I have in store for you is a real treat. What you are about to read is an interview I recently completed with WNEW DJ (and fellow NJ resident) Ed Trunk.

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