Eric Singer interview at NAMM show

Gus Griesinger | Back Stage Axxess

NAMM brings out a lot of surprise appearances and much to our surprise walking through the Pearl showroom, we ran into KISS drummer Eric Singer. Being a he KISS fan, I have had the privilege of knowing Eric for years. Funny thing is though, I have never interviewed him. Well, of course, that needed to change so Eric was gracious enough to give us some of his time to talk about all things KISS. We chatted about the just announced 6th installment of the KISS Kruise and what fans may expect from it. We also discussed Eric’s long standing relationship with Pearl Drums and why he remains a part of the Pearl family.

It was a comfortable interview as you will see.   At one point, Eric even poked fun at my Affliction thermal.  What’s an interview with Eric Singer without mention of his favorite things? Of course, we talked about watches and what lies ahead for the KISS camp.

Finally, the long awaited interview with the man behind the mask, Eric Singer of KISS!


Paul Stanley introduces 12-year-old as ‘the next KISS drummer’

Guitar Player

Paul Stanley introduced “the next Kiss drummer” at an impromptu show last Friday, January 29, and it was a surprise for everyone in attendance.

The group was performing at a meet-and-greet acoustic set in Durant, Oklahoma, when Stanley brought up 12-year-old Logan Gladden. The young drummer took the drum stool from Eric Singer and proceeded to become the next Kiss drummer, if only for a few minutes, by handling the kit for a performance of “Nothin’ to Lose” off the band’s 1974 debut album.

What’s more, Logan even sang.

“I’ve been playing drums and listening to classic rock music all my life,” he told Team Rock. “My parents put videos of me on YouTube when I was small and Eric saw them and invited me to meet him when I was three and he was with Alice Cooper. That day I played his drums during soundcheck and still remember it.

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Gene tries on novelty hand glassess

Mike Larkin | Daily Mail


As The Demon in Kiss he has hardly been shy when it comes to wearing outlandish items of clothing.

And Gene Simmons certainly outdid himself by trying on a pair of comedy novelty glasses during an outing with his wife Shannon Tweed in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

The God Of Thunder looked rather risible as he struck a cheeky pose while wearing the ladies hand spectacles at an optician in the well-heeled area of Los Angeles County.


Three Sides of the Coin, episode 163 – KISS Dealer Peter Arquette from KISS Museum talks merch, expos, Vinnie and Lick It Up

Michael Brandvold

Lots of controversy has always surrounded the theory that Vinnie Vincent was not actually present for the photo shoot of the cover of Lick it Up. We discussed this on the current episode, and I could always be wrong, but from the info that’s been going around, it appears it could be true.

The photos below illustrate why this is a possibility – In photos 1 and 2, Vinnie’s body appears to be a mannequin missing the left arm as well as half the shoulder, pressing up against Eric with Vinnie’s face superimposed on top. In photo #2, you can see a pole going up the back of Vinnie which could be a stand for the mannequin. That and the hand on Vinnie’s hip have been airbrushed out for the final version of the cover, (the pole also has a wire going up along side it, so it may just a stand for back-lighting). In photo #3, Vinnie has arms and compared to the other photos, half of his shoulder has reappeared as well. Also, Vinnie’s face seems to be the same photo on all three, while all the other band members have different expressions and angles to their faces.

Mostly, Eric Carr had been known to say that Vinnie was not there for whatever reason. Perhaps I misheard, he never actually said that, or there is more to the story, but from what we see here it does beg the question. Regardless, the fact that Gene’s fingers are hyper-extended and his wrist is in the wrong place shows how the cover was spliced together from similar photos from the same photo shoot.


KISS Performs in Durant, Oklahoma, (including Flaming Youth live!)


Fan-filmed video footage of KISS’s January 29 performance at Choctaw Grand Theater in Durant, Oklahoma (courtesy of John Erigo).

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Detroit Rock City
02. Deuce
03. Psycho Circus
04. Creatures Of The Night
05. I Love It Loud
06. War Machine
07. Flaming Youth
08. Calling Dr. Love
09. Hell Or Hallelujah (with “Let Me Know” ending)
10. Guitar Solo
11. Lick It Up
12. Bass Solo (Gene spits blood)
13. God Of Thunder (Gene flies up to lighting truss)
14. Cold Gin
15. Love Gun (Paul flies out to second stage)
16. Black Diamond


17. Shout It Out Loud
18. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
19. Rock And Roll All Nite

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A real rock star: Members of KISS helped make the day of one Oklahoma man

Nathan Poppe | News OK

Malcom Wynn hangs out with his heroes all the time.

He’s been collecting them in the form of KISS action figures and memorabilia his whole life. The eccentric, painted rockers, who formed in New York back in 1973, are easily his favorite band. Classic rock is his jam.

When Malcom’s birthday rolls in, you can’t go wrong with anything featuring the KISS logo. On Thursday evening, he met the life-sized versions of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer at the grand opening of Oklahoma City’s Rock and Brews, 2737 W Memorial Road.

This was a big deal for Malcom, and he ended up being the rock star of the evening.

Malcom, 57, is mentally challenged and has been for most of his life. He was born healthy but a case of red measles at 18 months changed everything. A fever caused irreversible brain damage, but that never diminished Malcom’s love for rock ‘n’ roll. Just ask his younger brother and The Oklahoman’s Vice President of Circulation Eric Wynn.

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Gene Simmons Hospital Visit Makes Kiss Fan’s Last Wish Come True

Jeff Giles | Ultimate Classic Rock

Gene-Simmons-Hospital-VisitA critically ill Las Vegas teen was granted his last wish by Gene Simmons, who flew to his hospital bedside for an in-person visit.

KVVU reports that the Kiss co-founder was contacted by staff at the Children’s Hospital of Nevada, who told him about 17-year-old Pediatric Intensive Care patient Dilan Kohn. Simmons reportedly flew out the next morning, bringing “a huge bag full of signed memorabilia.”

The visit was commemorated with a post on the hospital’s Facebook page, where staff posted pictures of Simmons and Kohn’s time together. “Mr. Simmons had not only been Dilan’s idol, but also his inspiration growing up,” reads the post in part. “The two hung out, shared stories and laughed together for well over an hour while staff looked on with tears in their eyes. Thank you Mr. Simmons for making this wish come true just in time.”

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KISS Front Men Weighs In On Investigation Into ‘Wounded Warrior Project’

Justin Dougherty | News 9 – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |


The Wounded Warrior Project is coming under fire for its use of donation money, millions of which comes thanks to the legendary band KISS.

So while front men Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were in town for their restaurant opening, we got their thoughts on the investigation into Wounded Warrior.

Known for the hair, makeup and platform shoes, KISS has used their rock & roll platform for good, fundraising and donating millions for veteran charities, especially the Wounded Warrior Project. But now the charity is under fire for allegedly wasting donation money.

More than 40 former Wounded Warrior employees tell CBS News that the project spends lavishly on themselves with 5-star hotels and restaurants. They also reportedly spend only about 60 percent of donations on veterans.

Other charities are said to spend 90 percent and 95 percent on veterans.

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Ace Frehley announces 2016 U.S. tour dates

Jeff Giles | Ultimate Classic rock

Michael Loccisano

Michael Loccisano

Ace Frehley will be back on the road in late February, when he starts a new round of tour dates that will keep him in front of crowds through mid-April.

The currently announced shows, which you can check out below, begin Feb. 26 in Houston, and are scheduled to continue off and on until April 12, when Frehley concludes a two-night stand in New York. Further information can be found at Frehley’s official site, along with details regarding several VIP packages available for the shows — including one that includes a meet-and-greet, personal photo with Frehley and an autographed guitar (guitar not included).

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What’s new in KISS collecting – KISS 3D foam magnets and stickers


Just released this week!

Official, licensed KISS items. The  9 inch KISS 3D Logo Foam Magnets and Stickers are a smaller version of the original KISS 3D Logo Foam Wall Signs released earlier this year. Exactly the same in every way except for the size and the flexible rubber magnet or pressure-sensitive sticker surfaces on the back. Everyone needs one of these on their kitchen refrigerator or office window.

Not cheap styrofoam, but a constructed from no less than 4 layers of a modern dense, firm material that holds it’s shape and gives razor sharp corners to the artwork.

See all the new KISS Merchandise releases at



KISS members in Oklahoma City to support veterans, for grand opening of restaurant

Kevin Ogle | KFOR

OKLAHOMA CITY – They are probably the most recognizable rock band in the world for their unique look and stage performance.

The founding members of KISS were in Oklahoma City on Thursday for the grand opening of their new rock-themed restaurant while, at the same time, honoring America’s fighting men and women.

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley said they chose Oklahoma City for ‘Rock & Brews’ because of what we have to offer.

“Heartland is where it’s at,” Simmons said. “They call it the heartland because, without it, you aren’t going anywhere.”

But, the grand opening was about a lot more than promoting their restaurant.

Simmons and Stanley are deeply committed to helping America’s veterans.

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Gene Simmons on Lemmy: ‘He’s always been a marshmallow, a softie on the inside’


KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has paid tribute to Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, saying that the iconic MOTÖRHEAD frontman was “a special kind of a guy” who “deserves a lot more kudos than he’s gotten.”

During a December 29 appearance on Ozzy’s Boneyard (SiriusXM channel 38), Simmons said about Lemmy (hear audio below): “Although most people wanna mourn Lemmy‘s death, and rightfully so, maybe a brighter thing to do is to celebrate his life. Because our history with Lemmy goes all the way back to HAWKWIND. KISS took HAWKWIND out way in the early days when Stacia was a dancer with the band. In fact, Stacy and I used to hang and just talk, and she always used to talk about Lemmy. And then, slowly but surely, I got to know Lemmy through the years.”

He continued: “The guy that knew, that I was lucky enough and proud enough to know, may be a different kind of a guy than what fans may think of him. You think of him as a badass, won’t take any crap from anybody… That’s all true. But I will tell you as a guy that’s known him for decades, he’s always been a marshmallow, a softie on the inside, always putting a helping hand out to anybody. [He] treated fans the best. This badass guy who always looked out, cared so much about the fans and would always give a helping hand to new bands. [He] hardly ever said anything bad about anybody for press’s sake. If he didn’t like you, he’d tell you to your face, not behind your back. A gentleman with a kind heart, dressed in armor, like most nights were. He was a special kind of a guy and he deserves a lot more kudos than he’s gotten, unfortunately.”

Gene also talked about Lemmy‘s wit, honesty and undying devotion to his friends. He said: “Lemmy, and Ozzy has this too, this kind of… If they like something, it doesn’t matter if it’s from the same genre. Ozzy will point his finger at THE BEATLES, whereas lots of other guys who turn up the guitar — whether you call it hard rock or heavy metal or thrash or take you pick — are afraid to actually say, ‘Yeah, I like ABBA.’ Lemmy was honest through and through. His insides, his heart and his mouth and his mind were connected. And truth is a hard thing to find, ’cause everybody is trying to negotiate: ‘How do I negotiate these streets to have people think I’m cool?’ He didn’t give a squat. He basically took a very individual kind of… ‘Hey, this is who I am. I don’t care if it’s popular to be a hair band or [wear] lipstick. I’m Lemmy. That’s who I am.’ And maybe we should all learn something from that.”

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Tower Records KISS album displays from the ’80s

Zak Wilson | Art Gods Movie

Old school record store days! Check out the hand made foamcore wall displays made by the artists at Tower Records Berkeley to promote Kiss. For more on those crazy heavy metal loving Tower Records Berkeley store artists (that helped influence the in-store look of Tower Records stores moving forward in the 80’s) check out the documentary “Art Gods” on DVD (

1984_Kiss 1985_Kiss 1983_Kiss